Halsey Looked Jimin Right In The Eye On iHeartRadio LIVE & He Wasn't Ready

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It’s no secret that Halsey and BTS have formed a very unique bond over the past couple of years. Not only are they good friends, but they’ve also collaborated on music together and that’s afforded them the chance to really get to know each other. Just ask Jimin from BTS, who has his own inside joke with Halsey that got turned on its head during the group’s iHeartRadio LIVE appearance on Tuesday, May 21. Halsey made a surprise appearance during the show and made a point to look Jimin in the eye… because of something that happened while they were filming the music video for “Boy With Luv.” BTS’ Jimin’s reaction to Halsey looking him in the eye was pretty sweet.

Just to give you some background here: back in April 2019, BTS did an interview with SiriusXM and talked at length about working with Halsey. One thing that the group revealed was that Halsey kept avoiding looking Jimin in the eye while they were filming the video for “Boy With Luv.”

While talking about the video, Jimin explained that he kept telling Halsey to look at him. Then, RM chimed in to say, "[S]he was never looking at him. She was just looking at the camera."

At the time, a Twitter fan shared a clip of Jimin and RM explaining what happened with Halsey on set. Halsey responded to the tweet, saying, "I WAS NERVOUS !!!!!"

She later explained to another fan that she was nervous because the choreography for the video was different than anything she’d ever done before.

So, with all that in mind, let’s take a look at what went down on May 21 during BTS’ iHeartRadio LIVE appearance. Here’s Halsey looking Jimin in the eye, unlike she did during the video:

As you can see in this clip, Jimin is basically in hysterics over Halsey looking him in the eye. He literally does not know how to deal and, oh, how the tables have turned!

All the BTS fans in the audience are going wild over this moment as well. It’s genuinely adorable and really speaks to the playful nature of their friendship. I bet she’ll always look him in the eye from now on!

Another really cute moment that happened during BTS’ iHeartRadio LIVE appearance is that Halsey surprised the heck out of the boys by showing up in the first place. She wasn’t expected to be there, but she showed up for them which is really sweet. RM was understandably shocked that Halsey was there. I mean, look at his reaction:

And to top that off, when she came out on stage and greeted each member of BTS, Jin showed her that he was wearing the friendship bracelet that she had given them. Here’s a look at that adorable moment:

All in all, it seems like Halsey and BTS are really enjoying how much their friendship has grown over the past two years. They’re all so adorable together and I really hope they continue to collaborate in the future. They have such great energy together and it’s so fun to see them let loose with each other.