BTS’ Jimin & V Celebrated Jungkook’s Birthday With Some Silly Photos

by Daffany Chan
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

BTS' Jungkook celebrated his 22nd birthday on Sept. 1, and he had every reason to go all out on the special day. The Korean pop star has a whole slew of accomplishments under his belt as a member of the internationally successful K-pop band BTS. Of course, fans of the singer have been sending their best wishes to the youngest member of the group on social media. Even fellow BTS superstars are joining in on the Jungkook admiration — you'll want to check out BTS' Jimin & V's photos of Jungkook for his birthday. The sweet and hilarious photos capture the essence of why Jungkook is such an adored BTS member. Judging from all the internet love Jungkook is getting, this year will be his best one yet.

Jimin and V both posted photos of Jungkook on Sept 1. using the BTS group's Twitter account. V posted a shot of Jungkook looking dapper and dressed up in a white blouse and tie while striking a pose. Jimin's appreciation photo of Jungkook shows a different side of the singer — though still adorable nonetheless. Jimin's post highlights Jungkook's adorable personality, decorated with stickers to make him look like a cat with a birthday hat. Jungkook is smiling in front of a beautiful big cake and colorful "Happy Birthday" signage in the photo. The fact that Jimin wished Jungkook a happy 23rd birthday might confuse fans, since the BTS singer had actually turned 22 in most international understandings, but because of how age is viewed in South Korea he is considered a year older there.

J-Hope also posted on the BTS Twitter account for Jungkook's big day. The post wishes happy birthday to the youngest member and shows a snapshot of Jungkook looking in the mirror.

You'll also want to watch this adorable video clip of J-Hope and Jungkook dancing together to celebrate his birthday.

Jimin also added his own short video to kick off the celebration in proper style.

Plenty of other celebs joined in on wishing Jungkook the happiest of birthdays, including none other than pop star Justin Bieber. Bieber wrote on Twitter: "Happy bday JungKook. They ain't ready. Now watch this tweet go crazy" Fans obviously went wild, with over 1 million likes on the post.

Of course, fans sent tons of love to Jungkook on social media for his special day. Writing in all different languages, the wishes from fans clearly show that Jungkook is adored all over the world. Twitter user @RoziitSofaof gushed, "Jimin you're the kindest person in this world. I love you so much." Others like @jiminisapoem praised the generosity of birthday wishes from other BTS members and the strong bond within the group: "I still can't get over how sweet and thoughtful this is. Jimin you are the sweetest man and so thoughtful. We love you and Jungkook forever. Please enjoy your time together."

It's so clear from all the appreciation that the youngest BTS member is getting that Sept. 1 is being celebrated as Jungkook Day all over the globe. Since he's off to such a great start, I can't wait to see how Jungkook will grow even more as an artist this year.