BTS' Happy New Year 2019 Bangtan Bomb Is A Love Letter To ARMY To Kick The Year Off Right

YouTube/Bangtan TV

Happy New Year, ARMY. Although it's not yet 2019 for many international ARMY, the clock has already struck midnight on Jan. 1, 2019 in Korea, which means one thing: BTS dropped their annual New Year's Bangtan Bomb for fans. As always, BTS' 2019 Happy New Year video message to fans is the perfect way to kick off the year for any ARMY. In the video, the boys all wear an adorable pig hat with flappy ears since 2019 is the year of the pig on the Chinese zodiac. It's an adorable new touch for the annual New Year's greeting. As always, the boys explain how amazing the past year was for them, express their love and appreciation for ARMY and all they've done for them, and also share their hopes and goals for 2019.

Jimin starts off the video, and according to a fan translation by the YouTube account Bangtan Boys Family, he shares that in 2018, he learned that he needs to care for himself more. He hopes to do just that in the new year and expresses his hope that fans will do the same for themselves. He goes on to explain that this is what inspired his hit solo single, "Promise," which dropped on Dec. 31 and already smashed tons of BTS records on Soundcloud.

Here's some of what he had to say, according to Bangtan Boys Family:

The biggest thing I’ve realized as I’ve experienced all sorts of things with you all, is that I noticed I didn’t know how to care for myself. But because of you guys, I learned that that is something I have to do. So next year, I hope you are able to care for yourself and love yourselves more and that’s why a song like “Promise” came to be. Anyway, thank you for working hard. We are thankful for you and I hope next year there will only be good things in the future. I love you. I’ve always thought that it’d be great to have another song of mine that contained my thoughts and I really think that it’d be great to be able to meet you guys more often this year in that position.

You can watch BTS' Happy New Year message for 2019 below and then read on for the highlights of V, J-Hope, Jin, Suga, RM, and Jungkook's individual messages as well.

V appears on screen after Jimin, keeping things light by wishing fans an amazing 2019. Here's what he had to say, according to Bangtan Boys Family:

Hello, I'm BTS’ V. 2019 is the pig year. My zodiac sign is a pig and just like the pig, I hope that in 2019 ARMYs and Bangtan can meet great fortune. I hope to pile up more memories with ARMY, so I hope 2019 will be a very happy year. 2019, fighting! Pig year, fighting!

Like Jimin, J-Hope also hopes to care for himself more in 2019 so that BTS can deliver more amazing performances to fans throughout the year. Here's a highlight from his message:

In 2019 I hope we will all be healthy and able to show you guys good performances. I think it should be a year we all take care of our health, so my goal is to be able to take care of my body! It’s all for you. Hope you guys can be healthy too!

Jin appears next, wishing everyone a happy and fruitful New Year. He, of course, hopes everyone eats a ton of ddeokgook (a rice cake soup that's a popular New Year's staple in Korea). As for his hopes for 2019, he reveals that he wants to release a solo song like Jimin did in 2018 — and, yes, please do, Jin! 2019 needs a Jin solo! Here's a snippet of his message according to Bangtan Boys Family:

Have a fortune-filled year. In 2019, I want to put in more effort and practice a lot and Jimin already released his own solo song, so I hope it can be a year where I can put in effort to also release my own.

Next up is Suga. In addition to wishing everyone a happy new year, Suga hints that he has plans to produce more for Western artists in 2019, which would be awesome if you ask me. Here's what he said, according to Bangtan Boys Family:

For 2019, there will be a lot of fun things happening this year. For me, specifically, I think it will be a year where there will be a lot of growth in me producing for western music. In 2019... well... I have to hurry up and show you. Anyway, have a fortune-filled year and thank you!

RM comes next, echoing Suga's hopes to produce more music in 2019. And, again, yes please. Here's what he had to say, according to Bangtan Boys Family:

My goal for the new year is to buy less clothes and produce a lot of music! Actually, I did not do well last year, so I want to change everything this year. Let's try to make things better. Wishing you a happy new year. Pay attention to your health and meals, as that is the most important. Try to take care of yourself and strive well. Fighting!

And last, but not least, comes Jungkook. BTS' maknae tells fans not to worry too much about New Year's resolutions as long as they commit to trying their best in 2019. He goes on to reveal that he feels he had not reached all his goals in 2018 and he hopes to achieve more in 2019. He then gives a sweet shoutout to Jimin and Taehyung since 2019 is the year of the pig (their zodiac sign). Here's some of his message, according to Bangtan Boys Family's translation:

Hello everyone. I'm Jungkook. Seeing this video, please be happy and healthy. Actually, a new year’s resolution is not that important. As long as you just say, “I’ll just do something this year,” I think going that way is the best way to go.

He continues:

In 2018, there were so many goals I couldn’t make come true. Every year, the goals, the promises — yes, the "Promise" that Jimin has released — those promises. And because it’s the golden pig year, I hope that there could be a lot of happy things for Jimin-Hyung and Taehyung-ie Hyung. ARMYs, you guys have worked so hard and I hope in 2019 you will have more happy things going for you, and I hope you guys don’t fall sick, and you could have less hardships. I wish for your happiness, our ARMY. I love you.

Could they be any sweeter? I think I might (read: will definitely) play this video whenever I need a pep talk in 2019.