Bryce Hall Just Challenged Thomas Petrou To A Professional Boxing Match, Y'all

Courtesy of Bryce Hall on YouTube

The battle of Hype House vs. Sway House on TikTok might be all about which collective's content gets the most views, but offline, it goes even further. Shortly after Bryce Hall poked fun at Thomas Petrou and the videos he posts, Hall took things a step further. Bryce Hall's video challenging Thomas Petrou to a boxing match is intense.

It all started on July 31 when Hall called Hype House's content fake in a Twitter rant. Petrou responded in a since-deleted tweet, saying that instead of talking sh*t, the two should "talk about Lebanon," referring to the tragic explosion that took place there on Aug. 4.

On Aug. 8, Hall posted a vlog titled "Listen Up Hype House Owner..." directed at Petrou, in which he called Petrou out for contradicting his statement about not talking sh*t. According to Hall's screenshot, Petrou tweeted and deleted a tweet calling out Hall for "drug use" and "bullying."

In his video, Hall went on to share that he wants to set up a boxing match with Petrou, but said he thinks Petrou is scared to get in the ring with him. Hall later shared more details of a potential boxing match during an Instagram video posted by TikTok Room on Thursday, Aug. 13.

Triller, a social video community, supposedly offered to let Hall and Petrou get in on the under-card for the highly-anticipated Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. fight this fall. “I challenge you to a legitimate boxing match. Eight rounds, three-minute rounds, scored professionally," Hall said.

Courtesy of Bryce Hall on YouTube; Courtesy of Thomas Petrou on YouTube

Hall added: "It’s a pretty big f*cking deal. The entire world is going to be tuned into it ... I will be donating $500,000 to any charity of your choice if you beat me. If I win, I’ll donate $500,000 to any charity my fans choose to vote on. It’s a win-win situation, dude.”

Petrou hasn't yet responded Hall's request for a boxing match.