Britney Spears Is Headed To The Big Screen This Year For The First Time Since 'Crossroads'

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Everyone knows Britney Spears as one of the most famous pop stars in the world, but not as many people know of her as an actress. Throughout her career, Spears has had a handful of movie cameos and only one starring role in a motion picture. Spears has not starred in a movie since helming the 2002 road trip drama Crossroads, but she is about to make her triumphant return to the big screen nearly two decades later. Britney Spears' cameo in Corporate Animals, an upcoming horror flick, was just revealed, and it is totally not the type of movie fans probably expected Spears to appear in.

Attendees at the Sundance Film Festival heard a familiar voice during the premiere of Corporate Animals earlier this week. Director Patrick Brice and the film's star Demi Moore confirmed that Britney Spears does indeed have a cameo in the new horror comedy, marking the first time in 15 years that Spears has appeared in a major movie. Brice explained the cameo during an interview at Sundance:

One of our characters—Calum Worthy's character, Aidan—is obsessed with Britney Spears, and there's a runner of him as he's going crazy thinking that he is hearing Britney speaking to him from the walls ... Through a series of connections we were able to get 10 minutes of her time to record this, which was so awesome.

As co-star Jessica Williams' surprised reaction makes clear, the Britney Spears cameo was kept totally secret... even from the cast!

Do not expect to actually see Britney Spears pop up in Corporate Animals, though. Patrick Brice's description of her cameo seems to make it clear that only Spears' voice will be in the movie, and that she recorded the cameo in just 10 minutes so it will not be an extended cameo. Still, the voice cameo marks Spears' first movie role in 15 years. After her lead role in Crossroads, Spears had cameos as herself in 2003's Pauly Shore Is Dead and 2004's Fahrenheit 9/11, and has not appeared in a movie since.

There have been some other acting roles on television, though. Britney Spears guest starred on Will & Grace and How I Met Your Mother in the mid-2000s, and more recently appeared as herself in episodes of Glee and Jane the Virgin. Earlier this month, Spears announced that she was putting her second Las Vegas residency, Domination, on hold due to concerns over her father's health.

Corporate Animals is a disaster comedy that centers on Demi Moore's character of Lucy, an egotistical CEO of a company that manufactures edible cutlery. When Lucy takes her long-suffering assistants Jess (Jessica Williams) and Freddie (Karan Soni) on a corporate retreat to explore caves in New Mexico, they all become trapped underground along with their guide Brandon (Ed Helms). The movie also stars Calum Worthy (American Vandal), Nasim Pedrad (Saturday Night Live), Isiah Whitlock Jr. (The Wire), Dan Bakkedahl (Veep), and Martha Kelly (Baskets).

A wide release date for Corporate Animals has not yet been revealed, but fans can expect the new movie to hit movie theaters before the end of 2019.