Bridal Crocs Are For Sale On Etsy & People Have Very Mixed Feelings About Them

by Candice Jalili

I think we can all agree that Crocs are the Nickelback of shoes. People just love to hate them. But, if you're in the minority who do love Crocs, I come bearing good news! Bridal Crocs are for sale on Etsy. Yes, that's right, my friends. Bridal Crocs are actually a thing. What do bridal Crocs look like, you ask? Well, they look like regular Crocs, but they're white and decked out with sequins. Festive.

You obviously don't just have to wear them to your wedding. You can wear them anywhere! But as far as Crocs go, they definitely give off more of a bridal vibe than the norm. In fact, the crocs are even titled on Etsy as "Bridal Favorite - Starlight Sequin Crystal Iris Clogs Classics." So yeah, apparently, they're designed for brides?

If you're a Croc person, you honestly should probably go ahead and get them because they're as cute as Crocs are going to get on your wedding day. The handmade shoes retail for £92.10 — that's $118.27 for any of my American homies reading this — so they aren't necessarily cheap. But when you compare them to some more upscale types of footwear, they may be kinder to your wallet.


I ran the Crocs by my friends in my group text and got some... well, not so great reviews. "Are you f*cking kidding me?! I'm all for being obnoxious when it comes to fashion but what?! If my husband ever let me wear those I'd send him back," said one friend. "I would cancel the wedding if bridal Crocs were even mentioned to me as a light suggestion," said another. "These are heinous unless you're getting married in a swamp," noted another more practical friend. Another friend just simply chimed in to say they were "fugly."

You get the picture. They weren't fans.

But they're not Croc people! For Croc people, the shoes are actually a dream come true. "110% wearing wedding @Crocs during my reception and NO ONE can stop me sorry future husband," one woman wrote on Twitter.

Another person turned to Twitter to share their enthusiasm about the shoes after Cosmopolitan wrote about them. "A more brilliant idea has never existed," the user said of the Crocs.

And if you're really going to pull the trigger and get bridal Crocs, there's nobody better to get them from than the creator of these puppies, princesspumps.

She has over a thousand five star reviews on Etsy and lots of the glowing reviews come from brides. One bride bought the Key Lime Green Glitter Ballet Flats for her wedding and had nothing but great things to say:

I love the shoes!!!! They are absolutely beautiful! Even better than the picture in my opinion!! Shipping took awhile but the seller was great at communicating throughout the whole process!!! Love Love LOVE these, definitely worth every penny and will be beautiful at my wedding!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Another got the Rose Gold Glitter Converse® All Star Low Top Sneakers for the bride at a wedding and, again, only had positive remarks. "I got this as a present for the bride and she loves it," they wrote. "She cannot wait to wear them on the big day."

Another user, who went for the Glitter - Raspberry Pink Sparkly Canvas Customized Converse® Low Top Sneakers Shoes on her wedding day, also had only amazing things to say:

The shoes turned out perfect EXACTLY what I wanted for my wedding!!! Every question I had was answered lightning fast. In fact I didn’t see exactly the color I wanted on their page so my friend messaged them and the same day we got a link to order the color I wanted. I highly recommend this shop!

So, yeah, in conclusion, if Crocs aren't for you, you probably shouldn't go for these. But if you like Crocs and want to wear them on your wedding day, DO YOU. And buy them from this person because people apparently love their stuff.