Accio All Of BlackMilk's New 'Harry Potter' Clothes, Please & Thank You


Fashion is meant to be fun, and there's nothing more magically playful on the market than BlackMilk Clothing's latest Harry Potter apparel collection. No matter if you're a full-on Potterhead or you've only dabbled in the series you're bound to love something from the lineup, seeing as it ranges in style from sporty to edgy and represents one of the most charming and epic tales around. Whether you've got a costume party coming up or you just like to stand your fandom on the reg, the collection will have something you'll want to snag immediately.

Before perusing the collection, you'll want to pick your favorite house seeing as a handful of the designs come in representative blue, red, green, and yellow color ways. Whether you identify as a Ravenclaw, a Gryffindor, a Slytherin, or a Hufflepuff is up to you — if only the Sorting Hat was real, am I right? From dresses and pants to leggings and sports bras, the collection will let you rep your house in a variety of ways. Prefer to remain neutral? You're also in luck. Styles emblazoned with the Hogwarts crest are also on the menu. Check out the new styles below and prepare to shell out a sickle or two.

House Robe

I love that this dress toes the line between punky and costume-y thanks to its apron design, plaid pattern, and big Ravenclaw crest. I'd wear it with a plain black tee and some chunky Dr Martens boots for a look that could transition from Comic Con to bar with ease.

Dark Arts

While I don't know how business-appropriate a Dark Mark shirt actually is, I do think it's funny that the one "professional" offering from the collection is also the most wicked.

Mad For Plaid

You wouldn't even know these pants repped Hufflepuff if you saw them on the street! In fact, you'd probably be more inclined to assume they were part of a Clueless fandom collection. Regardless, plaid is always an ace pattern to rock during fall, so they're arriving at the perfect time.

Put It In Reverse

Yes, this dress is reversible, and it boasts a cool black and white plaid print on the other side. The print you see here features celestial motifs of the Hogwarts house mascots along with iconic classes and locations . within the school.

Go Four It

All four houses on one cozy hoodie.

Sporty Spice

What I imagine every Quidditch team member wore under their robes.


This way cooler than my high school's letterman jacket and is a piece I'd actually want to keep for decades to come.

Leg Up

These leggings won't give you magical powers at the gym, but they'll definitely let everyone there know that when it comes to Harry Potter, you mean business.

Jersey Girl

Colorful, lightweight, and with a sporty vibe to boot. This jersey looks uber comfortable and is a piece that would be easy to transition into your wardrobe no matter the season.