Someone Live-Tweeted A Convo Between Two Women Plotting To Catch Their Cheating Husbands

by Candice Jalili

Finding out your husband has been cheating on you is pretty much the worst-case scenario in terms of things that can happen to your marriage. But sometimes — just sometimes — there can actually be a pretty great silver lining in the form of some good, old-fashioned girl power. Usually, this silver lining only happens in movies like John Tucker Must Die and TV shows like Grace and Frankie, but this Halloween, it happened with two women in real life. Two women plotting to catch their cheating husbands happened to be sitting close to writer BJ Colangelo (Twitter user @bjcolangelo) while at an airport bar, waiting to board their flight to actually catch their husbands who told them they were going on a "business trip." Yeah, likely story.

Lucky for us, Colangelo live-tweeted the entire exchange, and as you can imagine, the juicy thread has since gone viral, with her original tweet getting more than 6,000 retweets and beyond 21,000 likes. Before I share the amazing story with you, let me give you some backstory. This all took place on a flight to Chicago, where the two ladies decided to fly together to catch their husbands, who they believed to be having an affair... with each other. Colangelo learned the ladies apparently didn't care that their husbands were gay; they were more concerned with the fact that they lied. It looks like, although the women were about to lose their husbands, they may have been lucky enough to get that movie-level silver lining by coming out of this whole ordeal with a new, wonderful friendship.

It all started when Colangelo spotted them at the airport bar.

They had just met.

One woman came ready to fight.

Luckily for us, Colangelo promised to live-tweet the whole thing.

It's the lying that hurt them the most.

She even made some typos in the heat of all this excitement!

The ladies then broke the shots out.

One of the women got a hint that this was coming.

She thought all she had to worry about was the daughter's boyfriend being an *sshole.

Shot lady has an idea of what their husbands should be for Halloween.

Shot Lady then started comforting "Gum Lady."

Shot Lady has seen Grace and Frankie.

But Gum Lady is just not a fan of Jane Fonda.

Cute animal videos are something they can both agree on.

OK, so it might not have been quite the cross-country flight.

Shot Lady was ready to do the dang thing.

She also hates sports (in case you were wondering).

Gum Lady then started bugging.

Shot Lady knew everything would be OK.

Shot Lady has officially made Gum Lady feel better.

Gum Lady and Shot Lady are just happy they found each other.

And just like that, they were gone.

Watch out Jeffrey and Richard.

Now, tell me with a straight face that this isn't the best thing you have ever read about in your whole life. I mean, a real story about girl power happening in real life.

As you can imagine, people weren't pleased that they wouldn't be able to find out what happened in the end.

I'd like to think the women walked in on their husbands having a nice, romantic, candlelit dinner at a cute Italian place by the hotel. They call them out, cause a scene at the restaurant, and once they calm down, they all have a talk about what's been going on and how they found out.

They then dump their husbands, go out for a great night on the town, get their own room at The Ritz and treat themselves to a lovely slumber party. How lovely does that sound?

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