Wife Rewrites Cheating Husband's Tinder Profile


Silly Mike... Tinder's for single people.

But, alas, he couldn't resist. The temptation to dip his toe into the pool of cyberspace lust was too much.

FYI he's married and has a couple of kids. Cool.

So it was karma of the highest order when his awesome wife came across his profile and hacked it like a pro.

First, she changed his main photo to an up-close and personal mugshot where he resembles a giant thumb. It legit looks like a crime scene pic. Death by cheating.


Then — and this is the best bit — she rewrote his profile and outed him as a massive player and a failure of a man.

A thumb-man.

Read the whole thing:

Oh, Mike. Obviously, Tinder was not the answer. Actually, come to think of it, when is Tinder ever the answer?

A screenshot of his profile was posted on Reddit, where people were having an absolute field day commenting on his photo.

Someone said it looks like he's being strangled. Another said at first glance he thought it was just a massive potato with a face. One user said he looks like Quagmire from "Family Guy." He totally does.

Oh, Mike, it's really not looking good for you right now.