Billie Lourd & Austen Rydell's Astrological Compatibility Is Challenging

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Ever since the news broke on June 26 that Billie Lourd and Austen Rydell were engaged, I've been thinking about what their wedding will be like. You know it's going to be as unique and surprising as the couple themselves. Take, for example, their engagement announcement. Rydell took to Instagram to share the news, saying: "She said YES!! (Actually, she said “Duhhh”) But I guess that’s even better than yes?!?" That's an adorable and unconventional response — which is so on-brand for them. It also makes a lot of sense if you consider Billie Lourd and Austen Rydell's astrological compatibility, which is a true case of opposites attracting.

Lourd was born July 17, 1992, under the sign of Cancer and Rydell's birthday is April 3, 1992, which makes him an Aries, and these two signs who take a very different approach to, well, everything. Aries is all about passion and risk-taking, whereas Cancer believes in caution and taking things slowly. Cancer's very in-tune with their emotions as opposed to Aries, who is known for relying on their instincts. That could make this pairing very challenging, and no doubt compromise will be key, but it also offers both parties opportunities to grow in ways they never would have expected. Here's what else we can surmise about what that means for Lourd and Rydell's connection based on their astrological compatibility.

Opposites Can Be Exciting, But Also Tricky.

The greatest difference between Cancer and Aries comes down to what drives them psychologically. In the case of Cancer, it's emotional fulfillment and security, whereas Aries is seeking freedom, excitement, and new experiences. Because of this, they both present new frontiers for one another. Cancer challenges Aries to go deeper inside and Aries pushes Cancer to be bold and open to new experiences. This can be scary, but also thrilling to both Cancer and Aries if they trust one another enough to go there.

Learning To Communicate Is Everything For These Two.

Much of an Aries and Cancer pairing's chances of success hinge on their ability to communicate and find compromise. This won’t be easy for either party as they essentially speak different languages. Cancer comes from a place of how they feel, while Aries, on the other hand, focuses on what they desire. It's a case of cause versus effect. For these two to find a way to meet in the middle, they'll have to want to. With practice and patience, they can get on the same page.

They Push Each Other To Grow.

Both Aries and Cancer are used to getting their way. Although they take different approaches, they're both forces in their own right. But love has a way of softening hearts and making them open to compromise, and, when that happens, it allows both Cancer and Aries to embrace trying new things and pushing their boundaries. The result is that both Aries and Cancer grow in ways they never expected. For Aries, it means tapping into their emotional side and learning more about empathy. For Cancer, it means learning to be in the moment and even taking some (carefully calculated) risks. The result is a fuller and happier life for both of them.

While, astrologically speaking, Lourd and Rydell may not be the easiest paring, it's clear that despite their signs’ differences these two star-crossed lovers are the real deal.

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