Billie Eilish performs at the 2020 BRIT Awards.

You'll Need Time To Cry Over Billie's First Live Performance Of "No Time To Die"

Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

Fans in attendance at the 2020 BRIT Awards received a special treat when Billie Eilish performed "No Time To Die" live for the first time ever. Thankfully, even if you weren't in the UK when the show taped on Feb. 18, the video of Eilish's performance is the next best thing. The heartbreak anthem is beyond beautiful, and her live rendition took it to the next level. Billie Eilish's first performance of "No Time To Die" will give you goosebumps.

Eilish recorded "No Time To Die" for the soundtrack of the upcoming James Bond film of the same name, but the song still has Eilish written all over it. The haunting ballad is s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g, and, somehow, Eilish made the live version sound even better than the record. When she hit the stage to perform it for the first time, it was one emotional ride.

The performance was special for more reasons than one, though. Eilish's songwriting partner, producer and brother FINNEAS, hit the stage alongside her. He played piano behind her as she belted out the tune, and, between the two of them, the performance was one of the most powerful of the night. You can watch their full BRIT Awards performance below.

Not only did Eilish completely command the BRIT Awards stage, but she took home one of the most coveted awards of the night. Eilish won the award for Best International Female Solo Artist, and her acceptance speech was so, so honest.

"I’ve felt very hated recently," Eilish admitted in the speech. "[But] when I was on the stage and I saw you guys all smiling at me, it genuinely made me wanna cry. And I wanna cry right now, so thank you."

Eilish has been dominating awards show season from the get-go. When she attended the 2020 Grammy Awards, she swept all four major categories she was nominated in, a first for any female artist. Then, when the Oscars rolled around on Feb. 9, Eilish was tapped to perform on the prestigious stage, a rarity for any young pop artist.

Now that Eilish has completely nailed her first-ever live performance of "No Time To Die," it will be interesting to see how the song is incorporated into the latest James Bond film. No Time to Die hits theaters April 10.