Beyoncé's Fangirl Insta For Michelle Obama's Birthday Is Too Much Queen For One Post

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"Yasss Kween" has never been more fitting then in this very moment. On Jan. 17, Beyoncé aka Queen Bey gave a birthday shoutout to fellow royalty and apparent bud, former first lady Michelle Obama. Let me tell you right now, Beyoncé's Instagram tribute for Michelle Obama's birthday is fit for queens, and I am consumed by all this amazing #womanpower floating around RN.

Jan. 17 is a day of celebration and should be cherished. The former first lady turned 55 on Thursday, and among all the fans and followers to send their birthday wishes to Obama was Beyoncé. The superstar shared a black-and-white throwback picture of a toddler-aged Obama with the words "bow down" written in pink over the image. The leader of the BeyHive didn't even add a caption to the post. I think she knew, as well as the rest of us, that "bow down" was enough to pay tribute to Obama on her birthday. Also, how many people in this universe can say that they got a social media shoutout (the most important of the shoutouts) from Beyoncé? Obama definitely can, and I don't even know which queen is luckier. What a tough position to be in.

At first glance you might not be able to tell that the adorable girl in Beyoncé's post is Obama — I mean, if you didn't happen to notice that her face has barely changed. Don't worry if you're skeptical or confused, because there just so happens to be proof. Back in December, Obama appeared on CBS This Morning to reveal that she was adding 21 more stops to the book tour for her latest memoir, Becoming. Her announcement was accompanied by a heartfelt segment called "Note to Self," which featured Obama reading a note to her younger self about her life, love, accomplishments, and loss. Throughout the clip she also shared never-before-seen photos of her younger self, and one of them is the image Beyoncé posted.

You can see the photo at around the 2:30 mark in this video:

If you're really hankering for an emotional journey, I suggest you watch the entire video because it's really touching. "Michelle, what you'll come to realize one day is that you're only seeing what you lack," says Michelle in her note. "And not everything that your story has given you." She then goes on to talk about her father who passed away after battling multiple sclerosis, a year before she and President Barack Obama got married in 1992. She then talks about meeting a "kind, and absolutely brilliant, and pretty good looking" President Obama and shares some throwback photos of him as well.

The video is exactly what you'd want to know if you were reading a letter from your future self. It's full of lessons like "don't stoop" to the level of people who might not be kind. But it's also a behind-the-curtain look at her life as the first lady. At one point she says,

You're family will make history, filling barriers and making a more complete picture of the American story. You'll meet two popes and the queen of England. People will fill stadiums to hear you speak. It will be easy to think you're something special, but just remember that there are billions of people who grew up like you did and don't get this kind of spotlight. Reflect the light back on them. Use your voice to speak out for what's right.
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Honestly, it's no wonder that even Queen Bey looks up to Obama and so all that's left to say is... hey, queens, can I join your squad, I mean, royal court?