Benefit Cosmetics Is About To Release More Hoola Bronzer In 2 New Darker Shades

Courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics

I don't have to tell you that Benefit Cosmetics' Hoola Bronzer has reached a coveted cult status over the years, nor do I have to list all the reasons why... but I will anyway. The cute, Hawaiian-themed bronzer cube comes complete with a compact brush (built just narrow enough to make contouring a breeze), and the formula blends into your skin like butter. The tan-tinted shade gives you a believable sun-kissed glow — the kind that looks like you've been chillin' on the beach for an hour or so, with an SPF 30 on your face. The only problem? The bronzer didn't come in darker shades, so those with darker skin tones didn't have the opportunity to find their shade. Luckily, Benefit is extending their Hoola Bronzer shade range so more people can experience the magic that drove this product to cult status so quickly.

A couple years ago, the brand announced they were the OG Hoola Bronzer a makeover, and thus, the product got a super mini shade extension. The Hoola Lite Matte Bronzer became the go-to for more fair-skinned girls everywhere who wanted a bit of subtle dimension to their skin. However, given the very necessary shift in the beauty industry toward brands offering inclusive, diverse shade ranges for their products, it was about time for Hoola to get some more shades added to the line.

Now, the fan-favorite bronzer is about to come in not one, but two darker shades, meaning we'll get four bronzer shades overall! When it comes to the two new shades, think warmer, deeper shades that'll really give people with deeper skin tones that sun-kissed bronze look we all love.

Hoola Caramel

Hoola Caramel is the first of the brand new shade additions. Just a touch darker than the original, you can get even more color on your complexion with this one. Just make sure to swipe it on the areas where the shadows on your face naturally appear (sides of your foreheads, hollows of your cheeks, the sides of your nose, and under your chin). With the packaging and cute wooden brush still in tact, it's still the Hoola Bronzer you know and love.

Hoola Toasted

Now, the darkest shade of bronzer in the Hoola range is called Hoola Toasted. It's a perfect bronzing option for beauties with deeper skin tones and also makes for a warmer, darker contour shade for those with medium skin tones.

There's no telling if Benefit Cosmetics will be announcing another shade extension some time in the future, but in the mean time, Hoola Caramel and Hoola Toasted are smart additions. Just like those before Hoola Caramel and Hoola Toasted, the new shades will retail for $30. You can pick up the two new shades (and stock up on the originals) beginning March 1 in stores and online. If you haven't tried the cult-favorite bronzer yet because the shades weren't right, trust me, this is the bronzer and contouring brush you've been waiting too long for.