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Bella Is Proud To Give Pansexuality A Platform, Because It's Been "Written Off" For Too Long

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In terms of keeping it real with fans, Bella Thorne makes it her M.O. The singer grew up in the spotlight starring in Disney's Shake It Up, so she's no stranger to sharing her life with the world and has been doing so for over a decade. And if her vulnerability helps fans, she's all for it. Bella Thorne's quotes about coming out as pansexual reveal how it strengthened her bond with fans.

Thorne has been releasing new music left and right. Her latest single "Phantom" is an ultra-relatable track about dealing with misogyny, but Thorne also prides herself on telling real stories outside of the recording studio. She tells Elite Daily she's grateful to have a platform where she can speak out on important issues, such as her sexuality.

According to PFlag, pansexuality refers to a person whose emotional, romantic, and/or physical attraction is to people inclusive of all genders. "I think that in general, educating the world more is just so important," Thorne, who came out as pansexual in July 2019, says.

"Luckily I have such a wide fanbase that I can really speak to in America and have them see me, understand me, and not just write off pansexual or any type of sexuality as something they can't understand," she says.

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Thorne hopes that being open about her sexuality publicly will not only encourage acceptance, but inspire others to explore their own sexuality if they so wish. In fact, she's seen it happen firsthand.

"Because I'm in the public eye every day, people are sort of forced to understand it because it's right there. I think that hopefully that's changed a lot of people's minds," she says, before detailing the numerous times fans have approached her to share their coming out stories.

"Oh my God, the amount of fans who come up to me and tell me, 'I came out'... You hear these beautiful stories ... it just makes me so happy. I can't even describe the feeling that it brings, it's really magical."

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Thorne's new single thematically speaks to taking control of your life, a concept that's proven important to her on multiple levels. She says the song was written about a controlling relationship she witnessed within her social circle.

"I think that no matter what in life, you’ve experienced a relationship like this. You’ve experienced a controlling relationship and for most people, you’ve experienced more than one," she says of the song's inspiration.

Thorne is all too familiar with the downfalls of living in the public eye. However, she's much more interested in focusing on the positive aspects of her platform, especially how her story inspires her fans.