Bella Thorne Posted A Steamy Pic With Her New GF & Her Ex Seems Supportive

Mondadori Portfolio/Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

It wasn't too long ago that Bella Thorne made headlines by announcing that she was dating both rapper Mod Sun and YouTube star Tana Mongeau. When the three parted ways a little over a year later — first with Mongeau exiting the trio in February, followed by Thorne and Sun splitting in April — the actress moved on with Italian pop singer Benjamin Mascolo. But it seems as if Thorne has one more person in her heart these days: Alex Martini, whose IMDB page lists her as a set production assistant. Aside from fans' melting hearts, Bella Thorne's Instagrams with Alex Martini led to a supportive comment from Mongeau.

In the pictures posted on Oct. 7, Thorne, wearing nothing but black bottoms, is smiling and lying on top of someone sporting blonde highlights and yellow Converse sneakers. She captioned the photo, "She's very cute. First girl I have dated that's camera shy."

It would be impossible to guess who the mystery person in the Instagrams was if it weren't for, of all people, Thorne's ex Mongeau. She commented on the post saying, "Yes Martini!" revealing the camera-shy new girlfriend to be Alex Martini. With the comment, Mongeau appears to have given her blessing to the pair and reaffirmed that even though their relationship ended, there is no bad blood between her and Thorne.

Indeed, the two remained mostly supportive of each other following their breakup in February. Commenting on the split on Twitter, Mongeau said there was "no negativity at all" between them, adding that the actress "changed" her life: "I love her forever don't get that twisted."

Mongeau herself got engaged to a fellow YouTube star Jake Paul in June after three months of dating. Their July wedding, which took place at a Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, was live-streamed for those willing to pay $49.99.

Mongeau wasn't the only person supporting the new couple through sweet Instagram comments, however. Mascolo, who Thorne has been in an open relationship with since April, also commented on the photo of the two: 'You girls are so cute," he wrote.

Thorne, who announced on Good Morning America that she's pansexual earlier in July, may not be hurrying to put a label on her new relationship. "We joke around about poly, but we aren’t in the sense that we don’t put a word, a box or label too many things. It is what it is," Thorne told Gay Times about her relationship with Mongeau and Sun in a February interview, "I don’t think anybody will really understand the bonds that I share with Mod or Tana."

Thorne's manager also commented on the post, applauding the actress' refusal to hide her sexuality "when most celebs had too." Thorne screenshotted the comment and posted in on her Instagram stories Oct. 7 with the caption, "I love my manager."


So, it looks like this Bella doesn't need to choose between her two loves. (Wouldn't it make for a much better book series if Bella, Jacob, and Edward stopped fighting and united in a throuple instead, anyway?) Seems to be the happy end everyone deserves.