Bella Thorne & Tana Mongeau Are Feuding Over "Girl Code" On Twitter

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Randy Shropshire/Getty Images/Twitter

Is it just me, or has it been a while since we had some Bella Thorne drama? The actor, who has always been emotionally expressive on social media, took to Twitter on July 17 to talk about her ex, Tana Mongeau. Mongeau is a YouTuber with a new MTV show who is engaged to Jake Paul, as she and Paul won't let us forget, but Thorne is pretty torn up about it, and it resulted in a Twitter fight between the two. Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau's tweets feuding over "girl code" are a confusing roller coaster of emotions.

Thorne threw the first stone — meaning she tweeted the first tweet. She and Mongeau dated for one year before breaking up in February 2019, and now, Mongeau is engaged to Jake Paul after dating him for only two months (an engagement much of the internet feels is fake — the theory being that the ring seems fake, though, most of Paul's relationships make fans skeptical after he strait-up confirmed his longterm relationship with Erika Costell was for the views).

Oh, anyway, a flash engagement between two famous people? It's not like 2018 made that a trend or anything! (Do the names Ari and Pete, Nick and Priyanka, and Justin and Hailey ring any bells?) I'm sure the shock of Mongeau and Paul's "engagement," considering she and the YouTuber only broke up in February and Mongeau's new relationship has been so short.

When the news broke that they were "getting married," Thorne posted a selfie to Instagram that showed how she felt.

"My response to @tanamongeau engagement is on @thatweirdbitchbella," she said. The @thatweirdbitchbella account is actually a finstagram run by Thorne herself.

"When ur ex gets engaged 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭," she said in the caption of the photo of her crying.

Mongeau commented on this post saying, "omg."

This post was on June 24, the day Paul and Mongeau announced their engagement. It was also Mongeau's 21st birthday that day. (Her new MTV reality show, in case you're wondering, is called Tana Turns 21, so make what you will of her getting engaged on her 21st birthday based on that show title.)

The same day that crying selfie was posted, Thorne posted a birthday Instagram for her ex that was anything but sad.

"Through thick and thin😭," her caption read. "I love you tana happy bday you beautiful beautiful special girl."

That love and friendship is gone now, apparently.

Thorne took to Twitter on July 17 to say, "Tana and I are no longer good. She broke girl code I’m over it." Thorne didn't say how or why Mongeau "broke girl code."

Mongeau responded directly to Thorne, saying, "????? imagine taking every time ur mad at me to twitter but then telling ppl how much u care about me.................... wtf is this b :/." I mean... there are receipts for that argument, as we've already mapped out here. (Re: Thorne posting a crying selfie and a birthday Instagram about Mongeau all in the same day.)

Things got more heated from there.

"U legit started dating me for twitter," Thorne shot back with a heavy accusation. "How about u answer ur phone and talk to me instead of being on Twitter."

"Dude what are you doing bella?" Mongeau responded. "Like I have no idea why you’re mad, I've been texting you every minute since you tweeted, and for you to be tweeting me something as hurtful as saying I dated you for Twitter is literally f*cking nuts & if you honestly think that damn i lost you."

Fans of Thorne and Mongeau are reeling from this exchange.

Confused? Same! There are zero clues as to what Mongeau possibly did to prompt these tweets from Thorne, but fans are speculating that the fact that Mongeau has been hanging out with Thorne's other ex, Mod Sun, may play a part in the beef. Safe to say these exes are no longer amicable.