Bekah M. Tweeted A 'Bachelor' Conspiracy Theory & My Head & Heart Can't Handle This


When it comes to recent Bachelor contestants most likely to spill any and all tea, Season 22's Bekah Martinez has easily become the franchise's most vocal alum. Bekah's Twitter page covers everything from behind-the-scenes Paradise drama to funny musings about The Bachelorette, and while she uses her platform to call attention to more serious, real-world matters, she isn't opposed to discussing the randomly ridiculous minutiae of Bachelor Nation. Most recently, Bekah M. tweeted a Bachelor conspiracy theory, and if you thought the franchise was getting a little repetitive, you'll believe that even more after reading her thoughts.

On Episode 4 of Season 14's Bachelorette, Becca met her remaining men in Park City, Utah, for the obligatory "outdoorsy American travel" dates. She went bobsledding with Garrett, tested out some of the guys' lumberjacking skills on a group date, and rode snowmobiles with Wills. To be fair, every Bachelorette episode is similar enough that you can match up practically any scenario with one from a previous season, but Bekah M. proved that this particular episode was especially reminiscent of the very recent past.

Remember when Arie Luyendyk took his women to Lake Tahoe last Bachelor season? I know, I've tried to wipe out all memories of him, too, but Bekah posted quite the recap of that episode after sharing that Becca's trip to Utah played out eerily like Arie's time in Tahoe did. She and fellow Season 22 contestant Seinne Fleming apparently spent Monday night texting about how history seemed to repeat itself in this Bachelorette episode.

I have a love-hate relationship with how Bekah presents herself online, but this theory of hers is right on the nose. She pointed out that in addition to both Park City and Lake Tahoe being winter wonderlands at the time of filming, both locations' one-on-one dates involved an outdoor activity and then a live country music concert. Let's not forget about the likelihood that most fans watching probably had no clue who these serenading artists were.

If that isn't enough to convince you that Bachelorette producers are officially out of ideas, Bekah's following comparisons are even more laughable.

While Becca's men weren't set free in the wild and asked to eat bugs like the women were on their wilderness date, the Bekah-Wills parallel is pretty funny. Of course, Wills' one-on-one didn't include an awkward conversation about his age, but I'd much rather see Arie nervously sweat bullets than watch Becca be uncomfortable.

And to top it off, both episodes ended without a pre-rose ceremony cocktail party. Coincidence, or just ABC's lazy planning?

If you delve a little deeper than Bekah did, there are even crazier similarities between the two episodes. Arie's Tahoe episode also captured Week 4 of the Bachelor competition, and the first half of the episode saw contestant Maquel leave the group after learning that her grandfather passed away. She returned to the show the following week. At the start of this week's Bachelorette episode, David came back to the mansion after receiving hospital treatment for severe injuries on his face.

Freaky, huh? We don't even have to compare the nonsensical rants of Krystal and Jordan to feel that the Bachelor franchise is seriously just blending together at this point. That being said, anyone else up for a Krystal-Jordan match on Bachelor in Paradise?

After Bekah exposed this repetition, I'll definitely keep a closer eye on certain specifics of Bachelorette episodes. But will that stop me from reacting to things as if I'm seeing them for the first time ever? Nah, probably not. Such is the life of a Bachelor Nation member.

The Bachelorette returns on Monday, June 25, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.