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Behati Prinsloo’s Baby Bump Instagram For New Year’s Has The Sweetest Message


Adam Levine is one seriously lucky guy. His wife, Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo, is pregnant with their second child and, spoiler alert: she looks absolutely gorgeous. It's no surprise that she's so stunning, considering the fact that her pregnancy with their first child, Dusty Rose, showed off an equally glowing Prinsloo (and honestly, how does someone looks so good after what can most likely only be described as months of morning sickness?). Some girls seriously have all the luck. So when I saw Behati Prinsloo's baby bump Instagram with its sweet message, it made me wish I was part of the Levine-Prinsloo family, because they are serious #goals.

Back in September, we found out that little Dusty Rose was getting promoted to big sister, and the world rejoiced. Considering that Adam Levine once said to Jay Leno that he'd never get married and now, here he is, with a wife, kid, and one on the way, let's just say that it's pretty damn clear that Behati has made a changed man out of him. Back in 2013, when Leno asked Levine if he remembered telling him that sentiment, Levine said,

BRB, sobbing.

Back in March 2016, Prinsloo shared the news of her first pregnancy in a really beautiful way, with an illustration of a woman with the world inside her pregnant belly:

And a few days later, Levine confirmed the news, showing off his wife with a barely-there baby bump:

Prinsloo documented her growing belly, sharing it with fans on social media:

Could she be any more flawless?

No, she cannot.

So when she announced on Instagram that she was expecting yet another child in September, fans were shook:

And her newest Instagram post debuts her baby belly... with a special guest appearance from Dusty Rose!

The photo shows a topless Prinsloo holding daughter Dusty, sticking her tongue out, with a curious Dusty touching her mama's mouth:

Her post told her fans to celebrate the new year in the best way possible: by showing kindness to our planet:

And, of course, she adds how excited she is to meet her second child, because obviously.

It's clear that Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are so, so in love, and both Levine and Prinsloo have been very candid about their relationship. In an interview with People, Prinsloo shared just how powerful their marriage has become, especially with the addition of their daughter, Dusty. She said,


Can someone get me a tissue? I need a tissue.

And Levine is just as vocal about his love for Prinsloo, too. He shared a post of him and his beautiful wife, and, while the photo is actually pretty hilarious (a disheveled-yet-somehow-still-gorgeous Prinsloo sits next to a not-camera-ready Levine), the message he shared is actually incredibly beautiful. The caption read,

So if you want to know where I'll be, you can find me following Prinsloo's Insta, anxiously awaiting updated pics of her gorgeous baby bump.