Becca Confronted Chris About Being Verbally Abusive On 'Bachelorette' & His Response Was Bad


The past two weeks of The Bachelorette haven't been the smoothest for contestant Chris Randone. Last week, he lashed out when Becca Kufrin didn't pursue him on their group date, wondering aloud if he should leave the competition if she wasn't going to grant him time with her. On this week's Episode 6, Chris accused the other men on their group date of being dishonest with Becca, prompting Lincoln to start verbally attacking Chris. However, the night portion of the date brought more trouble for Chris, as fellow contestant Connor allegedly expressed to Lincoln (who later told Becca) that he felt uncomfortable rooming with the volatile Chris (yeah, I'm confused, too). Becca confronted Chris about being "verbally abusive" and his response made things even worse.

The group date's public debate focusing on who would be the strongest match for Becca took a nasty turn when Chris seemed to imply he was the most genuine of the men. Such a statement prompted Lincoln to clap back at him, but we're not here to talk about how uncomfortable it is to watch Lincoln now that we know about his criminal record. For now, our focus is on the concerning allegation one of the men (seemingly Lincoln) suggested against Chris in an after-party conversation with Becca, adding on to the men's earlier concerns about Chris's wellbeing at this point in the competition. After watching how quickly Chris snapped at Lincoln in their pre-date conversation, it definitely wasn't difficult for a viewer to believe the claim.

The way Bachelorette rooming works is a mystery to us mere mortals, but for Connor, sharing a room with Chris somehow only became a possibility once the group hit Richmond. The 25-year-old fitness coach was apparently afraid of rooming with Chris because "he might lose it." In the heat of the moment, Becca's concern seemed to come from both the other men and Chris's date nemesis Lincoln telling her about Chris's behavior, but Chris continued to act defensively about this version of the truth.

When Becca asked Chris about the situation, the 30-year-old Florida resident tried to laugh off the question, but Becca shot right back, saying, "When I hear things that the guys are maybe more scared around you or they feel threatened or that you're verbally abusive, I'm gonna ask you about it."

Yaas, girl! Make Uncle Gary proud.

In true backup Bachelorette villain style, Chris called the claims "fabricated," but before the conversation could continue, Garrett interrupted, clearly taking the adage, "You're never fully dressed without a smile" to heart. While Becca unsuccessfully tried to brush off her frustration to talk to Garrett, Chris confronted Connor about his story, but to be fair, Connor seemed just as unaware as Chris did. Come on, gents, get your stories straight.

Connor was surprised about this accusation (though it's unclear whether it's because Lincoln was fabricating the story or that Connor simply never intended for Becca or Chris to know about his feelings). Anyone, this led to Lincoln revealing himself as the perpetrator of this particular story. Things became a little fuzzy after this. Did Lincoln bring up a situation with Connor to Becca that we didn't see? Was Connor ever really afraid of rooming with Chris? Did Becca just pull a random name from her brain when confronting Chris? I'm still scratching my head, and Chris (and Connor, for that matter) not owning up to anything didn't help.

Despite the men accusing Chris of trying to steal their own time with Becca through his dramatics, nothing was really resolved at the after party, leaving Chris's big blow up for before the rose ceremony. The men's downtime revealed more conversations about drastic personality changes within Chris, who we saw in brooding shots forebodingly slipping on his watch and writing in a journal. Duh, duh, duh!

When Leo returned from his date, the mere sight of those luscious locks sent Chris right out of the hotel room and onto the streets of Richmond that ABC so lovingly promoted. Chris was still fixated on the fact that no one but him sees the faults of Lincoln (I mean, is Chris really the only one freaked out that the man eats 12 EGGS A DAY... well, yes, probably). Though, America definitely gets it now, though it has nothing to do with Lincoln's eating habits. Anyway, the strength of Chris'thoughts drove him to Becca's hotel room, where he tried to apologize for their time being dominated by distractions.

Like the wise woman she is, Becca didn't quite buy it, calling him out for reacting so harshly to receiving little time with her. Chris asking her "not to think about that right now" didn't fly well either. Anyone well versed in their Bachelorette history knew how this awkward, abrupt confrontation would end, and Becca ultimately sent Chris home on the spot. No rose ceremony necessary. Well, it's about time, right?

The Bachelorette returns on Monday, July 9, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.