Baskin-Robbins' Love Potion #31 Ice Cream Features Raspberry-Filled Chocolate Heart Candy

Valentine's Day is associated with flowers, jewelry, and, more specifically, sweets. But chocolates and other heart-shaped candies aren't just all that you can give on Feb. 14. Baskin-Robbins' Love Potion #31 Ice Cream is out now, and it's here just in time for your Valentine's Day plans. Whether you'll be out on a date with someone special or are planning to celebrate Galentine's Day with your BFFs, a trip to Baskin-Robbins is definitely in order.

Baskin-Robbins' Love Potion #31 Ice Cream looks as good as it sounds. First of all, can I just talk about the tiny little hearts that are featured throughout the ice cream?! The chocolate-flavored hearts are filled with a tasty raspberry filling that will make your mouth squeal with delight. It's like this ice cream was made to be put on Instagram. Anyway, on to the other important details, like the flavor. Baksin-Robbins' Love Potion #31 ice cream is made with two different flavors including raspberry and chocolate.

As far as romantic foods go, chocolate-covered berries seem to be the go-to option. I love that Baskin-Robbins went above and beyond the traditional chocolate-dipped strawberries and turned the idea into its very own ice cream flavor. Additionally, the Love Potion #31 ice cream features chocolate chips and a raspberry swirl that will cast a spell on your tastebuds. This ice cream has it all: swirls, crunchy chocolate chips, and two different flavors that pair perfectly together.

Baskin Robbins

Baskin-Robbins' Love Potion #31 ice cream is available for purchase at participating locations across the country. The ice cream will be available while supplies last throughout the month of February, according to a Baskin-Robbins representative. Don't wait around for this flavor to come to you. Time is of the essence. Go ahead and treat yourself to the divine flavors of raspberry and chocolate, because you deserve it.

Ready to try a scoop of Love Potion #31? Baskin-Robbins is offering an ice cream promotion at the end of January that you might be interested in. On Thursday, Jan. 31, Baskin-Robbins will offer a regular or kids-sized scoop of ice cream for $1.50. The deal is valid at participating locations nationwide. If you're having reservations about the Love Potion #31 flavor and don't want to pay full price, then make sure to stop by and try it for $1.50 on Jan. 31. Personally, I've never met an ice cream that I didn't like.

Just a heads up that Baskin-Robbins' free scoop deal can't be used with another coupon, discount, or other promotion. Oh, and it doesn't include waffle cones (and you're gonna have to pay for those toppings, too).


In addition to Love Potion #31, Baskin-Robbins also rolled out Brownie Bar Mashup as January's Flavor of the Month. The ice cream features two different types of brownie ice creams, including chocolate brownie and blonde brownie. If you love chocolate as much as I do, then this flavor is for you. Unlike the Love Potion #31, Brownie Bar Mashup will only be available until the end of January. Once February hits, Baskin-Robbins will unveil a new ice cream Flavor of the Month.

You really can't go wrong with either flavor, so I think I'll be trying a scoop of each for a taste-test of my own.