Barb Made Her Love Of Kelley Insta-Official With A New Pic

by Candice Jalili

Um, have you seen Barb Weber's Instagram of Kelley Flanagan yet? On May 24, Peter's mom took to Instagram to post a side-by-side photo montage. On the left, she has a picture of herself hugging her younger son Jack's girlfriend, Kristine Bruun-Andersen. On the right, she has a selfie of herself and Kelley. Then, she tops off the already incredible post by overlaying it with a graphic that reads, "Girls Rock!!" Oh, and then she goes ahead and tops off the whole post with this simple-but-gushy caption, "💖💖💖💖💖."

The whole thing is extremely mom-ish and sweet. Flanagan made her love for the post extra clear by commenting, "Love this!" She paired her sweet comment with a red heart emoji.

The post does not mark the first time Barb has taken to Instagram to share some love for her sons' girlfriends. On May 18, she posted another side-by-side collage. This time the collage featured a picture of Peter and Kelley on the left and, on the right, a picture of Jack and Kristine. Barb posted the picture alongside the adorable caption, "Happiness Is...❤️❤️❤️." Peter and Kelley both commented on this post, with Peter commenting, "Being with my Chop Chop" and Kelley simply commenting, "Awww ♥️♥️♥️."

Here's Barb's latest side-by-side of herself with both Kelley and Kristine:

And here's the one she posted earlier of both her sons with their respective girlfriends:

Kelley and Kristine should honestly both feel extra special, considering the fact that Barb has made it clear she's not one to hold things back when she doesn't love one of the women trying to date her children. Like, um, remember when she said Peter was going to have to "fail to succeed" with Madison during the live After the Final rose taping?

Even when her son was off chasing Madison, Barb was making it clear that she was Team Kelley.

Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On March 11, the Comments by Bachelor Instagram account famously caught Barb commenting on not one but two of Kelley's pictures of herself from that same live After the Final Rose show where Barb went off on Madison.

On one post, Barb wrote, "The Most Beautiful, Elegant, Classy, Intelligent Stylish Girl in the World!!!You were and will always be my Fav rav," alongside a heart emoji. On the next, she wrote "we need to do lunch and go shopping for the day," alongside another red heart emoji.

So, no. Barb showing her love for Kelley all over social media is nothing new. But at least now she and Peter are on the same page.