Barack Obama’s favorite songs of 2020 includes hits and deep cuts.

Barack Obama’s 2020 Playlist Has Megan Thee Stallion, Bad Bunny, & Dua Lipa

by Daffany Chan
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Barack Obama shared his top picks for tunes this year, giving fans a peek into how the former president has been staying entertained during quarantine. Barack Obama's favorite songs of 2020 include popular hits by artists like Dua Lipa as well as deeper cuts by rock legends like Bruce Springsteen. If you're ready to jam out to the former president's playlist, check out his favorite songs of the year.

Obama released his annual favorite songs of the year list in a Twitter post on Saturday, Dec. 19. Obama compiles and shares the musical list every December with the help of his younger daughter. "Here are some of my favorite songs of the year. As usual, I had some valuable consultation from our family music guru, Sasha, to put this together," Obama wrote on Twitter. "I hope you find a new song or two to listen to."

The list includes plenty of chart-toppers you probably sang and danced to this past year, such as "Savage Remix" by Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé, "Lemonade" by Internet Money, "Franchise" by Travis Scott, and "Levitating" by Dua Lipa. The list includes a ton of artists across genres who really broke out this year, such as Bad Bunny and Phoebe Bridgers.

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However, Obama's music preferences don't only include pop music. The former president also enjoyed listening to the Bob Dylan's new blues tune, "Goodbye Jimmy Reed," Bruce Springsteen's rock banger, "Ghosts," and more.

Thankfully for streaming fans, Obama's annual tradition also includes his list of favorite movies and television shows of the year. "Like everyone else, we were stuck inside a lot this year, and with streaming further blurring the lines between theatrical movies and television features, I’ve expanded the list to include visual storytelling that I’ve enjoyed this year, regardless of format," Obama explained on Instagram. Obama's top picks for 2020 included Crip Camp, a civil rights documentary about disability that he and Michelle served as executive producers for. Obama also enjoyed watching the political documentary Boys State and the drama Let Him Go. Like other Netflix fans, Obama's television picks of the year included The Queen's Gambit and Better Call Saul.

Now that Obama's recommendations are available, you'll have plenty of entertainment options to discover while kicking back at home during the holidays.