Away's Travel Well Collection

Away's Newest Collection Brings Comfort During Both Staycations & Future Getaways

What do a virtual event and a long flight have in common? They both can get very uncomfortable as time goes on. Your neck starts to cramp a bit, or your feet start to get cold because you haven't moved them in hours. Away's Travel Accessories collection is here to help by bringing comfort to you in any destination, whether you're sitting at home or flying in the air.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, you probably haven't been traveling much, if at all. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still strongly recommends staying home and postponing your trips, per their guidelines updated on Feb. 16, 2021. The CDC even suggests planning a trip for a later date if you're vaccinated, as you could spread the virus to someone who isn't vaccinated — whether that person be in the community you're visiting or someone you live with back home. Luckily, Away's Travel Accessories collection is for your future getaways and staycations alike.

In total, the collection includes five different products that come in very earthy and neutral colors. Each can easily be packed in your carry-on or attached to it, so you don't need to choose between comfort and saving space in your suitcase for souvenirs. Here's a taste of Away's Travel Accessories collection, and the items you might want to jet-set or chill at home with ASAP:

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First up is a product that's necessary wherever you go these days: a face mask ($35, Away). It comes in navy blue or black, and in two unique sizes, so you can choose what will fit best on your face. The mask comes in an antimicrobial case, which is great for storing it when it's not in use, and has adjustable ear loops. Two filters are included, and you can buy a 10-pack of extra filters for $10, to keep your mask fresh later on.

The collection also includes another kind of mask: a sleep mask. This is a great product for when you're taking naps on a plane or your couch. The sleep mask ($45, Away) comes in black, navy, and coast (which is a dusty, teal-toned blue), and is machine washable. It also features a design that allows your eyes to move, even when the mask is on.

Now, let's say you're attending a class or meeting over Zoom. You may want to pick up Away's new neck pillow ($55, Away) and travel blanket ($95, Away) for optimal comfort. These two items come in an earthy green color, as well as other neutrals, and are easy to store and travel with. The neck pillow, for example, comes in an antimicrobial pouch, while the blanket folds in on itself. The blanket includes a foot pocket, too, to keep your feet super warm, no matter what adventure you're on.


That leads us to the compression socks, aka the last product in the Away Travel Accessories collection. These compression socks ($35, Away) fight odors, and help to prevent swelling that can occur when you're flying or sitting in one place for a long time. They're made of 45% organic cotton, which is bound to make you feel cozy from the minute you slip them on.

You can shop all of these products on the Away website now, and then bring a little bit of comfort wherever you go.