'Avengers: Endgame' Is Re-releasing In Theaters With Brand New Footage

by Ani Bundel

When Avengers: Endgame landed in theaters on April 26, 2019, it was less a movie premiere and more of a cultural event. After 21 movies, 11 years, and 10 stand-alone franchise debuts, Endgame was the film that wrapped it all up into one big shiny bow. There was just one small difference between it and the other films: There was no post-credit scenes. Now, Avengers: Endgame is re-releasing in theaters, and it will feature new footage, including end credit additions.

Some will argue there is something at the end of the Avengers: Endgame credits. And there is! As the soundtrack fades out at the very tail end of the credit roll, a banging is heard in the distance. It's the sound of Tony Stark, building his original Iron Man suit in the cave, from the very first film in the franchise.

However, it's a subtle thing, and more importantly, it's not something that looks forward. What made Marvel's post-credit sequences such a big deal is that they gave fans a vision of things to come in the next film in the series, tying films together that might otherwise have no connection.

By not including anything forward-looking in Endgame's post-credits, it gave the 22nd film a finality to it. Whatever comes next, it will begin anew.

However, Marvel also had its eye on something else when Endgame hit theaters: breaking records. It's been part of the franchise legacy ever since The Avengers smashed the all-time domestic box-office record when it was released in 2012. Endgame's marketing was super aggressive ahead of the premiere, with an eye on having this film become a box office champ.

Endgame's opening weekend brought in $357 million, a full $100 million more than the current record holder at the time (Ironically, it was the film that preceded it, Avengers: Infinity War.) But this front-loaded ticket sale strategy meant the film didn't have long legs. Currently in its seventh week of release, the film has stalled out at Number 2 for all time domestic gross ($831 million, behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens' $936 million) and all-time worldwide gross ($2.74 billion, behind Avatar's $2.78 billion).

With Spider-Man: Far From Home arriving on July 2, that give Endgame only a couple more weeks to shore up both their final numbers and pump excitement back into the box office ahead of the next release.

To that end, Marvel Cinematic Universe CEO Kevin Feige has announced Endgame will get a shiny new re-release, starting on Friday, June 28, with new footage added onto the end of the film.

According to ScreenRant, Feige said:

[It's] not an extended cut, but there will be a version going into theaters with a bit of a marketing push with a few new things at the end of the movie. If you stay and watch the movie, after the credits, there’ll be a deleted scene, a little tribute, and a few surprises.

Considering that Spider-Man: Far From Home is directly tied to the events of Endgame, it's an excellent plan to get viewers into theaters for a refresh ahead of it. And if it gets those records over the line, no one will complain.