Aubrey Plaza's Zodiac Sign Shows She's A Sweet & Sensitive Partner

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If you watched Happiest Season when it hit Hulu in November, chances are you're nursing a serious Aubrey Plaza crush right about now. Honestly, how could you not be? In the film, she plays Riley, a single lesbian doctor with a penchant for suits. Swoon. Given how adorable she is in the movie, you've probably wondered what the actor's like as a real-life partner. While she tends to keep her personal life pretty private, there are some hints to be found by looking at Aubrey Plaza's zodiac sign. For the record, Plaza's been in a long-term relationship with screenwriter and director Jeff Baena since 2011.

Plaza was born on June 26, 1984, under the sign of Cancer, which tells us you couldn't dream of a more supportive and nurturing partner. Cancer's a water sign, which means they lead with their heart. Add to that Cancer's ruling "planet," the Moon (not technically a planet, but hey I don't make up the zodiac rules), which is associated with emotion, and you get a seriously powerful combination of emotional intelligence and intensity.

Naturally, Cancer has a lot of heart to protect, so they're slow to open up and it can take time to earn their trust. Once you do, however, they're about as ride-or-die of a partner as you could ever hope to meet. In other words, that crush you have on Plaza is totally valid. Here's what else we can surmise about what it's like to date Plaza based on her zodiac sign.

You can be vulnerable with Cancer.


If a safe space were a person, it would be Cancer. Being open and vulnerable about their emotions is how they connect with others, so they encourage the people in their lives to do the same. They're compassionate, sensitive, and non-judgmental, so it's easy to open up to them in ways you may have struggled with in the past. They'll also never use what you’ve shared against you, as they would see that as a true betrayal and a line that should never be crossed. In other words, you can feel safe and secure with a Cancer lover.

They need to feel secure in the relationship.

Some signs like a little instability in their relationships because it keeps things interesting (cough, cough... Gemini). Cancer, however, is the complete opposite. They want a partner they can feel safe settling down with. They need to know that if they give someone their heart, that person won’t play games with it or take advantage of them. They're also very loyal and expect the same in return. Inconsistency and secrecy are instant turn-offs for Cancer, who's looking for something real with someone solid.

Don’t try and solve their problems. Just listen.

Cancer loves to vent and process over just about everything in their life — the good, the bad, the frustrating, and the mundane. If they have a feeling, they want to talk about it. They need a partner who can listen and be supportive. What they don’t want, however, is someone to solve their problems. No matter how well-meaning, this feels to Cancer like you’re dismissing their feelings. Unless they specifically ask for that, resist the urge to offer helpful “suggestions.”

They’re sensitive, so watch what you say.

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Cancer's a wonderful partner who can make you feel loved and seen in ways you’ve always wanted. However, with all that emotional depth comes sensitivity, and Cancer's vulnerable to getting their feelings hurt very easily. It's important to be careful that what you say doesn’t come off as critical, or Cancer will take it hard — and then you’ll see their harsh side come out. Never forget: Crabs have claws, and Cancer, when wounded, can be a bit sharp in return.

Despite their moodiness, you really can’t beat Cancer's loving sweetness. If your ultimate celebrity crush is Plaza, you can rest assured she’s totally worthy of your affection.

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