OK, So I'm Going To Need A Week Off Work To Figure Out That Arya 'Game Of Thrones' Scene

by Ani Bundel

The April 21st episode of Game of Thrones finally revealed the Night King's real mission. Though most viewers assumed his plan was "kill all the humans," it turned out there was one human in particular he felt was necessary to kill above all others: The Three-Eyed Raven. Like Jon's plan to take down the Night King would cause the rest of his army to collapse, the Night King saw Bran as the same for the living. With the memory of humanity gone, they would become animals. Until Arya killed the Night King. Warning: Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8, episode 3 follow.

Uh. Did anyone see that coming?

I mean seriously, did *anyone* see that coming?

This is what Game of Thrones does best, for the record. The clues were all there. Arya's training to become the most deadly assassin in Westerosi history. Melisandre's words to her in the forest so long ago, eyes she would close forever: "Brown, black, and blue." And yet, the misdirection is always there. There was the focus on Jon Snow, real Westerosi hero. There was the focus on Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, Savior of Westeros, Mourner of Jorah.

And because of that, everyone just wasn't looking at Arya... until she turned out to be the Princess That Was Promised.


Well, maybe.

The fact is the prophecy given in A Song of Ice and Fire is vague, and on the show, it's even vaguer doesn't help matters much. The "Prince That Was Promised" seems to come from the Targaryen line, at least, according to Jenny of Oldstones. But one some level, that doesn't make a lot of sense. Why would Daenerys be the heir to Azor Ahai, the savior of Westeros? After all, Targaryens weren't even on the continent back then. Dragons weren't even born yet, and wouldn't be for another 2,000 years on Essos, let along a minor dragon lord house who liked mating brother to sister.

That's why, on some level, the idea of Jon Snow, the Stark-Targaryen hybrid, would be the more likely candidate, as the old blood at least runs through his veins. Mixed the old with his new fiery blood, and voila! Prince That Was Promised.


But in reality, the real most likely candidate is someone like Bran, who not only has the old blood of Stark but the ancient blood of House Blackwood, via House Tully. House Blackwood, by the way, has a sigil of a big weirwood covered in ravens, which can give you an idea of where Bran might get his abilities from, and it's not Ned's side of the family. Considering Arya has these same bloodlines running through her veins as well, having her be the heir to killing the Night King seems a whole lot more logical than it being some Johnny Come Latelys who moved into the Westerosi neighborhood only 300 years ago.

But of course, the question is, what happens next. The Night King has been defeated, and Arya is the one who did the deed. But there are still three feature-length episodes to go this season. Maybe the Princess Who Was Promised still has a name or two to cross off that list? But for now, let's just all savior the fact that the Night King is dead, OK?