Ariana Grande Revealed Two Unseen Tattoos & They're Different From Her Others

CBS Photo Archive/CBS/Getty Images

On Monday, May 4, Ariana Grande fans were treated to a snapshot of Grande showing off two new(ish) butterfly tattoos on her arm. In the Instagram photo Grande shared, the delicate, realistic black-and-white designs are wrapped around her upper arm, extending toward her shoulder. While this is the first full look fans have gotten at the tattoos, eagle-eyed fans pointed out that it seems Grande's had the beginnings of them for a few months at least.

When Grande stepped out on the red carpet at the 2020 Grammy Awards on Sunday, Jan. 26, she positively stunned in an enormous custom Giambattista Valli gown, with more tulle, layers, and ruffles than you could ever imagine. While the rest of us couldn't take our eyes off the dress, diehard fans were focused on something else: a dainty outline of a butterfly wing peeking out from the top of Grande's left glove. Since the event, fans hadn't gotten another clear look at the tattoo, which left most to assume Grande left it at the minimal outline, similar to her other very minimalist tattoos. But not this time.

As you can see in her photo below, the full butterfly tattoos are still delicate in their rendering — while they're filled in, there are no harsh lines — they appear darker and more photo-realistic.

This leaves me to wonder if Grande has more secret tattoos up her sleeve (literally) that the rest of the world has yet to see. According to Insider, the singer reportedly has 50 known tattoos, so I don't think other secret ones are out of the question. Regardless of her tat count, one thing's for sure: Butterly tattoos are about to flutter back in style.

David Crotty/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images