Oh Wow, Ariana May Have Subtly Shaded TikTokers For Going Out During Covid

David Crotty/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

Over the past few months, countless influencers have gotten called out for partying, traveling, and eating out with friends during the pandemic. Among the list of content creators who've found themselves in hot water were Bryce Hall, Thomas Petrou, and Charli and Dixie D'Amelio. Although some of these stars apologized for their mistakes, people still aren't happy, believing they're only sorry for getting caught. Ariana Grande's comment about going out during Covid may shade TikTokers for seemingly ignoring orders to quarantine and social distance.

Ariana Grande shared her frustrations during an Oct. 30 interview promoting her new album Positions. While talking about the pandemic's effect on Halloween, Grande said the thing that's most devastating for her is Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios being closed this year. "This is my sh*t. This is my time," she said about the event, explaining it's really "hit" her how things may not go back to normal for a long time.

"Couldn't we have just stayed at home for a few more weeks?" she asked. "Like all the other countries were fine and are better than we are. Did we all really need to go to f*cking Saddle Ranch that badly that like we couldn't have waited for the deathly pandemic to pass? Like we are really needed to put on our cowgirl boots and ride a mechanical bull that badly? We all needed that Instagram post that badly?"

Hear Grande's comments from the 2:00-3:30 mark below.

It's interesting she mentioned Saddle Ranch because the world-famous restaurant has become a go-to spot for TikTokers lately. Addison Rae Easterling, Josh Richards, and Noah Beck are just some of the creators who've been spotted eating there during the pandemic. In fact, so many TikTokers go there nowadays that paparazzi are constantly waiting for them to show up to take some pictures and videos.

"There are a lot of hot spots of where [TikTokers] go out," Fletcher Greene, a member of the paparazzi, said in an Sept. 30 interview. "And in a lot of places, you can just physically see them, especially since restaurants have moved things outdoors. They'll go out at Saddle Ranch."

The video below shows popular TikTokers D'Amelio and Beck, who just confirmed they're dating, at Saddle Ranch on Sept. 27.

Grande could have been speaking about the location in general and not any celebrity in particular, but her message still rings true.