Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson’s Astrological Compatibility Shows Their Connection Is Epic

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Are you caught up in whirlwind romance that is Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson yet? Because I know I am. I live for a good love story, and this one has all the makings of something epic. Which got me thinking about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s astrological compatibility. Grande's June 26 birthday makes her Cancer, and Davidson, a Scorpio, was born November 16. Both are born under water signs which makes for an incredibly intense pairing. This explains why, if you've been following along with this couple, there’s been drama and passion to the nines. But honestly, I would you expect nothing less from a Scorpio/Cancer paring.

Ever since they went public with their relationship at the end of May, it’s been all matching tattoos, surprise engagements, and salty exes coming out of the woodwork. Yes, this has made made for some stellar celebrity theater, but beyond the headlines and the occasional gushing post on social media, we have yet to really get a good idea of the actual dynamics of the relationship.

This is where looking at their astrological compatibility comes in handy. We can glean some pretty incredible insights into the inner workings of a relationship simply by knowing how their two zodiac signs tend to interact. Oh, and if you ship these two, I have great news, Scorpio/Cancer is one of the most compatible combos in the zodiac — in fact, it may actually be the most compatible. So, what does that mean for our favorite new It Couple? Well, read on.

This is a healing relationship for both of them.

One of the ways that Davidson and Grande have connected is through their shared past struggles.

As a source explained to People, “They’ve both been through hardships so that’s something they definitely have in common,” adding, “They’ve both dealt with some dark stuff at a young age.” And this is not surprising at all, because both Scorpio and Cancer are waters signs, which means they are both very emotional and perceptive. They can both recognize the pain the other has felt and empathize, which is an incredibly powerful experience for both signs who have, in the past, struggled to be vulnerable. It’s a case of like recognizes like, and that connection and feeling as though they are truly seen allows both signs to open up to one another in a way they are unable to do with other signs.

A Scorpio/Cancer relationship is one that is both nurturing and healing, something that two people who have faced real tragedy can really appreciate. If you're not familiar with their stories, Davidson lost his father, a firefighter, during the Sept. 11 attacks, and has spoken openly about his struggles with Borderline Personality Disorder. For Grande, there was a terrorist bombing at her performance in Manchester, England, where 22 people were killed and more than 500 people were injured. Scorpios and Cancers tend to both build walls around their emotions. Finding a partner who can not only understand your pain but also begin to gently break down your walls is a revelatory experience.

They have to be careful about jealousy.

While Scorpio and Cancer are really compatible in most areas, there is one way in which this can actually backfire, and that’s jealousy. Both signs are very possessive and can easily become jealous if they feel slighted. What makes this worse is that once either feel wounded, they tend to retreat back into their shells, stubbornly refusing to let go of grudges. When this happens, the relationship can spiral quickly. They also both have a talent for psychological manipulation which can make things get ugly, fast.

So long as Grande and Davidson focus on their connection and not let outside influences get in their heads, they should be just fine.

Their sexual compatibility is off the charts.

If you know anything about Scorpio, it’s that they are the most sexual of all the zodiac signs. They are all about soulful, intense, passionate love-making and are up for just about anything in the bedroom. If you think that might be scary for Cancer, you’d be half right. In order to fully express themselves sexually, Cancer needs to have a deeper, more emotional connection. However, when they do, look out because these little crabs let their freak flag fly, making them compatible and fully capable of keeping up with Scorpio in the boudoir — so long as there is lots of cuddling after. So yeah, it's probably safe to assume Grande and Davidson’s sex life is goals.

Honestly, the whole relationship dynamic is goals. Cancer and Scorpio make for a really intense and passionate match. Because they are both water signs, they are highly emotional and crave deep connections. Where that might prove a problem with other signs, they actually make these two more of a match. They are extremely devoted to one another, and instead of feeling overwhelmed by the other’s passion, actually feed off the energy. Yep, folks, I think it’s safe to say things are really looking good for Davidson and Grande. The zodiac has spoken!