Here’s What It Really Means If You Never Argue With Your Best Friend

Confrontation can be a drag, but if the person spewing emotionally-infused words at you is your ride or die, you ought to suck it up and weather the storm at times. Arguing is a different rodeo when it comes to your best friend. Two people who falsely and hesitantly agree with each other to avoid arguing are not in a real kinship. Don't fear arguing with your best friend, because whether you agree or settle on your differences, you two will be back braiding each other's hair soon enough.

Arguing has this bad rap for being a jumble of yelling. It really is just two people pleading their case on an issue they aren't seeing eye-to-eye on. You and your BFF aren't going to always agree, but many times it's your differences — although they may collide — that make you such a dynamic duo.

A friendship is a type of relationship, and it's a little investment of your emotions that is going to be expressed in more ways than one. You'll know that you and your BFF are the real deal if you can hash out a huge argument, but still end up holding hands. You aren't pushing your BFF away by arguing; in fact, you're solidifying their place in your life and the two of you are benefiting from it in so many ways.

You Learn More About Each Other

Once the dust has settled and no one is all up in their feelings any more, you learn more about each other. Arguing is a way of funneling those emotions that aren't apparent from the surface and moving forward. It's basically venting with opposing views, that's all.

It Proves You're In This Friendship For The Long Haul

If you didn't care about keeping someone in your life, you wouldn't argue with them. There really wouldn't be any point, because no matter what their grievances were, you don't see it lasting. Arguing with your BFF proves that you want to get the turbulence out of the way so you can continue flying.

You Filter Out Any Harsh Feelings Or Misunderstandings

When you don't argue, you leave those ill-feelings festering inside of you. They will ruin your relationship and will really make you start to resent the person who is making you feel that way. Your friendship should be able to address and fix any unsettling feelings you have.

You Become A Better Team At Facing Other Trying Times

Arguing gets those little disputes out of the way so that you have enough energy to face other obstacles you'll need each other for. You don't want to approach a trying situation when you two aren't on good terms. Arguing quickens the process toward finding peace and remaining a solid team for other frustrating moments your friendship is bound to face.

You Establish Your Friendship As An Emotional Safe Haven

When you can argue with your best friend, your friendship becomes an open canvas for whatever shades of emotions are necessary at the time. They aren't always pretty, but it is so comforting to know that you have a space to be fully and openly yourself. Do what you gotta do.

Your Respect For Each Other Grows

Have you ever noticed that once your BFF gets everything off of their chest, you respect them even more? You don't necessarily find contentment in someone agreeing with you, but how passionately and instinctively a person states their own claim. Arguing is a stepping stone to giving and receiving mad respect.

You Get To Make Up And Become So Much Stronger

Making up brings a whole new element of renewal to your friendship. You didn't unfriend each other, but during the storm, it may have obscured the loving and pleasant view you usually have of your best friend. And we all know how picture-perfect nature can be after a big storm. I'm talking rainbows — the whole bit.

You Discover What Pisses Each Of You Off

If you sheepishly dodge arguing, you will never know what sets each other off. You aren't trying to find this out and maliciously abuse it, but knowing what makes each of you tick can help you avoid an overwhelming amount of arguing. Argue now, to prevent an unneeded argument later. Arguing with your best friend is only intended to cast the roots deeper in your friendship.