Victoria Fuller Made The Most Dramatic Exit From Chris Soules' Place

by Candice Jalili
David Livingston/FilmMagic/Getty Images

It's anybody's guess as to whether Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules are still together in the ~romantic~ sense, but it sure looks like Fuller has left Soules' home in Arlington, Iowa. Fuller not so subtly tipped her followers off that she was leaving by posting a selfie of herself in her car with packed luggage in the backseat to her Instagram Story alongside the caption, "I'VE ESCAPED." Fuller also tagged Kelsey Weier, a fellow contestant on Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor, in the post. Later, per Us Weekly, Fuller posted a video of herself and Weier sipping wine together.

Because Weier is from Des Moines, Iowa, it appears to be that Fuller left Soules' place in Arlington to road trip over to Weier's place in Des Moines. No need to open Google Maps and look up how long that would take because I did the dirty work for you already. Des Moines and Arlington are a not-so-casual 180 miles apart from one another. Obvi that doesn't make for a necessarily short drive but, according to Google Maps, the drive should only take about three hours. Pretty standard drive time for a road trip, if you ask me. Very doable.

Instagram/Victoria Fuller

ICYMI: Rumors of a possible relationship between Fuller and Soules first started swirling about on April 15. "One of the more random Bachelor 'couples' that I can’t say I ever would’ve guessed," Reality Steve wrote at the time. "I don’t know how long this has been going on or how serious it is, but I can confirm that Victoria Fuller is currently together in Iowa for the week with Chris Soules."

"Chris slid into Victoria's DMs," a source reportedly told Us Weekly. The same source also reportedly noted that Soules "apparently DMs a lot of people."

Fuller seemingly confirmed that they were together two days later when she posted a picture that some particularly eagle-eyed fans noted was taken on a couch in Soules' home. See the evidence for yourself here:

On April 27, Fuller dropped yet another hint that she was with Soules by posting a picture of herself looking fresh-to-death on a coffee table alongside the caption, "Farm life." Oh, and did I mention she also tagged the location as Arlington, Iowa? Just so you know, according to the U.S Census, Arlington has a population of about 400. So, the odds this is all just a big coincidence and Fuller knows someone there other than Soules (who also has the same couch as him?) is pretty slim.

In conclusion, it definitely seems as though Fuller, a Virginia Beach native, was in quarantine on a farm with Soules for over a month. But it also seems as though their time has finally come to a close, with Fuller "escaping" to her friend's place a few hours away.