Here's All The Tea We Have On The Dolan Twins' Love Lives

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You guys, have you ever thought about how much Ethan and Grayson Dolan, aka, the Dolan Twins make you happy? Like, their weekly vlogs were the highlight of my Tuesday until they announced they'd be slowing down on those. *Sniffle* Regardless, while I was rewatching the duo hilariously swap lives with Jeffree Star, I got to thinking, who is making those boys happy? Like, are the Dolan Twins single in 2019? Hmm, let's review everything fans know.

I did some digging, y'all, and here's what I found out: When it comes to Ethan Dolan, he's been linked to fellow YouTuber Emma Chamberlain. The Dolan Twins, along with Emma Chamberlain and James Charles, made up a YouTube group called Sister Squad. Obviously, as squad members, they would create content together and appear on each others' channels regularly. Fans were obsessed with the chemistry they sensed between Ethan and Chamberlain, leading many to hope there is something more between them. Based on their social media interactions, it looks like there could be. Elite Daily reached out previously to Ethan and Chamberlain's teams for comment on the speculation, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

In January 2019, Twitter trolls claimed Chamberlain had crusty lips and Ethan came to her defense like any good friend would. "Her lips deffffinitely aren’t crusty," Ethan tweeted. Obviously, the question on Ethan's fans' minds was, "How would you know unless you've kissed them?!" Valid question.

He then tried to clear up any misunderstanding about his tweet, saying, "What? She’s always putting chapstick on everyone knows that?!?" But, Ethma fans saw what they saw. Mkay!

There's also the fact that they spent July 4 ⁠— a national holiday ⁠—together. Holidays are often spent with family and loved ones, right? Can you blame the Ethma community for going wild in the comments section of their Instagram snap from their holiday together?

Fans are still hoping Ethan and Emma will eventually confirm a relationship, but, for now, it looks like the only confirmation we have is that they are just friends.

As for Grayson, he has not officially confirmed his relationship status, but he was last linked to model Elizabeth Seward as recently as June 2019. Elite Daily reached out to Grayson and Seward's team for comment regarding the reports of their relationship status, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Fans noticed that in June 2019, Grayson and Seward were in Paris, France, around the same time. The receipts are on social media, fam. Grayson shared footage of himself on the way to Paris while Seward shared photos of the Eiffel Tower. There was even a snap of a bouquet of roses she received from her "bae."

If you're thinking this is definitive proof they are a couple, I will advise you to slow your roll. The likelihood of Grayson and Seward being in Paris at the same time is actually more probable than you think since it was Paris Men's Fashion Week. Grayson is a YouTube star and Seward is a model, so they both have legitimate excuses to be in Paris at that time.

However, for shippers hanging on to a shred of Grayson-Seward hope, there was that time in July 2019 when Grayson shared a breakfast snap of four pieces of toast. This may seem like no big deal, but their followers noticed Emma Chamberlain and Elizabeth Seward happened to share stories of themselves both enjoying Bluestone Lane coffee around the same time Grayson posted his breakfast prompting fans to think Ethan and Grayson hosted a double date with Chamberlain and Seward. However, that's the last clue I could find.

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Regardless of their affinity for sharing their lives on the internet, the Dolan Twins tend to keep their love life private and that is understandable. So, are the Dolan Twins single? It seems they are, at least for now!