Rey's Parents Were Revealed In 'The Last Jedi,' But Was It A Fake-Out?

Walt Disney Studios

The Last Jedi is finally here with the answer to the question that Star Wars fans have been asking for two years... now we just have to decide whether or not we should believe it. Ever since an unknown girl popped up in the middle of a desert planet and unexpectedly proved to have a powerful control of the Force in The Force Awakens, fans have been dying to know who her parents are. Well, The Last Jedi did reveal Rey's parents, but could it be a fake-out? After all, the information didn't come from the most trustworthy source, so the mystery may still be alive. Spoiler alert: Obviously, stop here if you still haven't seen The Last Jedi and want to go in pure.

One of the biggest shocks to come in the shock-filled Last Jedi is the revelation (Rey-velation?) that Rey's parents are... just two nobodies, with no connection to the greater Star Wars space opera that has been playing out for four decades. In the two years since The Force Awakens, fan theories about who Rey's parents might be had become the most prevalent sources of conversation among Star Wars fans, with many people guessing that her father must be Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or another major character in the sprawling cinematic universe. Nobody was expecting her parents to be two unnamed characters with no Jedi powers, or even any place in the galactic war. But... how sure are we about the verity of that reveal?

The bombshell came from Kylo Ren, who told Rey that he learned the truth about her parentage through the shared Force bond that grew between them in the new movie. After Kylo kills Snoke and proposes that he and Rey team up to rule the galaxy together, he tells her that her parents are actually just a pair of Jakku scrappers who sold her off as child.

Ok, but couldn't Kylo be lying? I mean, there is a reason that everyone was so sure Rey's parents would be involved in the Jedi history — she has proven herself to be one of the most naturally gifted Force users we've ever seen in a Star Wars film. Surely that didn't just come from nowhere. And not to mention Kylo is not above lying, and is in a position where he needs Rey to believe she's a nobody when he tells her about her parents. After defeating Snoke, Kylo is trying to get Rey to cut off all of her ties to others and join up with him; telling her that her parents are random nobodies would sure be an effective way to accomplish that. Basically, he has a motive to lie to her, and it's a totally believable thing for him to do, so the possibility that he did make up a false narrative about Rey's parents in order to draw her closer to him should not be discounted.

And if Kylo was lying to Rey, then that means the big question about her parents may still be unsolved. The true reveal of Luke, Han, Obi-Wan, or whoever else may still happen in Episode IX, with Kylo's lie about her parents being used as a fake-out to further throw us off the scent. The only bitterweet part about this theory is that if one of the main guesses is revealed to be Rey's father or mother in the next chapter of the saga, she probably won't be able to reunite with them, considering all the death that has gone down recently among the core characters.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in theaters now.