A Matchmaker Explains Exactly Why Will & Kate Are So Perfectly Compatible

by Annie Foskett
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The main reason I love Prince William and Kate Middleton is because of their ability to produce adorable and yet incredibly sassy little children. George and Charlotte's antics are quite possibly my favorite part of the royal coverage to follow (and I'm sure Louis's will be up there as soon as he can walk and talk), so thank you, Kate and Will! But while gushing about their cuties, I realize I've never thought about if Prince William and Kate Middleton are compatible.

On the surface, it would seem as though they get along swimmingly. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met while they were both students living in St Salvator's Hall and Gannochy at the University of St Andrews. (So British.) They generally look happy together, and hey, they keep popping out babies. However, there also all of those "Kate conspired to get with Prince William" stories out there — honestly, no judgment if they are true, because I would conspire to get with anyone remotely royal adjacent — so I was curious to see what a matchmaker thought of the pair.

I spoke to renowned celebrity matchmaker Kailen Rosenberg to get her take on the royal pair. Rosenberg is also an author, Oprah's Love Ambassador on LOVETOWN, U.S.A, and the founder of The Lodge Social Club mobile app. Here's what she shared with me.

They have similar values.
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"Prince William and Kate Middleton appear to work well together as they seem to have a foundation based upon family values," says Rosenberg. While it's common knowledge that Kate's "commoner" status was a point of contention for the Queen — which in post-Harry-and-Meghan seems even more silly — it's clear that Kate values family in the same way that Will does. They both seem to genuinely enjoy engaging with their children and being present at family events.

They share respect for the royal family.
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The pair absolutely shares values about family, and Rosenberg adds that the pair has "a respect for that which comes with the royal family." Both Kate and Will are very on board for their responsibilities to the royal family, which makes life easier — it would be hard to attend all of those horse races and charity events in large hats and fascinators if respect for the royal family was lacking.

They understand each other's experience.
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In addition to respect for family and the royal lifestyle, the pair has respect for each other. "They each seem to have a level of logic and balance when it comes to experiencing their lives both as parents, in the public eye, and together." Which sounds like they are perfectly compatible, you know?

But there's more to a marriage than logistics, though of course no one can know what goes on behind closed doors. "Although William and Kate appear to have a respectful marriage, it is important that behind the scenes they are taking enough time for quality and emotional intimacy between just the two of them that has nothing to do with being part of the royal family. Just the two of them as two human beings who met in college, fell in love, went through some turmoil, and decided to spend their lives together."

Compatibility is a tricky thing, and it is undeniably trickier when you are your partner are constantly in the public eye. Kate and Will have always been a very private couple, and perhaps the more emotional compatibility or outward displays of affections are just not traditionally British, or them as a couple. Overall, they seem to be on the same page, and being on the same page seems to be one of the most important things to be certain of before starting a family. Now, where's my prince?

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