Here's Why People Think Noah Cyrus & Lil Xan Might Be Together Again

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

One year after these two stars' big breakup, fans are wondering if Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan are back together. Speculation of a reunion comes after The Daily Mail snapped a picture of Xan and Cyrus reportedly hanging out in Los Angeles on April 3. In the picture, Cyrus is seated in the passenger seat looking at her phone as Xan reportedly drives them around in his Mercedes G Wagon. (Elite Daily reached out to both Xan and Cyrus regarding claims that they were hanging out and are back together but did not hear back in time for publication).

The pictures of them reportedly hanging out surfaced shortly after Xan posted on Instagram earlier that day that quarantining has him feeling lonely. “Corona virus is probably the most lonely thing lol how are you guys coping with it ?💔🦠” Xan captioned an April 3 post of himself squatting in front of his mirror dressed in ripped jeans and a green cap.

So, maybe he was feeling lonely and called up his ex asking if she wants to go for a ride? Or maybe Cyrus saw his post about being lonely and reached out asking if he wants to hang? (E! News did note that the two are now following each other again.)

Definitely both plausible stories. But, obvi, considering the fact that neither of them have confirmed anything, nobody really knows for sure what's going down between the two.

Also, I hope these are just rumors and the pictures are actually from a long time ago because they should really be practicing social distancing! Now is not the time to be breaking quarantine for anything, let alone an impromptu hangs with your ex.

These exes had a tumultuous breakup in September 2018, when they both accused each other of cheating. Xan, who was very much dating Cyrus at the time, wrote "I feel like I'm probably being cheated on" on his Instagram Stories. Then he went on Instagram Live to claim that he was being "used" and that their relationship was "all fake."

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Then Cyrus clapped back accusing him of cheating on her with an Instagram Story that said, "Cheaters like to accuse their partners of cheating to make themselves feel less guilt. This isn't the first time this has happened to me and now I'm being forced to deal with crazy accusations when I'm not even sure where all this came from."

The point is they didn't exactly have an amicable breakup. And now they're... reportedly cruising around Los Angeles in his Mercedes? Huh.