Natalie Mariduena and Toddy Smith are rumored to be dating

There's Def Something Going On Between The Vlog Squad's Natalie & Todd

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So here's the thing: I've been thinking for a while now that YouTube star David Dobrik has been romancing his assistant and longtime BFF, Natalie. But as it turns out, Natalie Mariduena and Toddy Smith are dating — or, at least, that's what Dobrik's vlogs seem to suggest.

During a Dec. 2019 interview with Clevver News, Dobrik asserted, "I'm definitely not [dating Natalie]. Nobody in my friend group is actually dating my assistant Natalie, which is kind of a heartbreaker to a lot of people." However, Vlog Squad fans are growing increasingly suspicious about Mariduena and Smith's relationship, and I've got the receipts to prove that something romantic is (maybe) going down. (Elite Daily reached out to reps for both vloggers for comment on their rumored relationship, but didn't hear back in time for publication.)

It all started when Smith sent a series of thirsty texts to Mariduena, which Dobrik naturally stuck on a billboard to embarrass him. In the texts, Smith asked Mariduena if he could spend the night and cuddle, telling her, "U break my heart," "I feel like I ruined my shot w u lol," and "I'm falling out of love w u." The two later posted a joint video on Feb. 6 to Smith's YouTube channel, entitled "we have something to tell you," where he and Mariduena attempted to explain the texts.

"To preface everything, Todd and I text jokingly, flirting, whatever, all the time," Mariduena said in the video. "And that's why we thought it was so funny to throw it up there [on the billboard]. A lot of those messages have inside jokes in them, too." Though she claimed that they were "just two friends having fun," the fact that the two of them filmed the whole video on Mariduena's bed seems like something "two friends" wouldn't do.

But then, just a day later, Dobrik posted a bloopers video to his channel, and in one scene, Dobrik was joking about how Smith always manages to get girls to like him. Smith replied, "All right, I'll be honest. I actually dig Natalie." Dobrik laughed, replying, "Todd, did you confess your love for Natalie?" Smith didn't elaborate, but the damage was already done. (Fast-forward to 3:08 if you don't believe me.)

Then, on Feb. 10, Dobrik posted a video called "SURPRISING MY ASSISTANT WITH A PUPPY!!" After a night of antics with the Vlog Squad, Dobrik caught Smith sneaking out of Mariduena's bedroom the following morning. "Go, go," Mariduena can be heard saying to Smith as she pushed him out the front door. Later, Dobrik explained, "To be fair, Todd was coming by from breakfast. They didn't spend the night." Smith confirmed the story, but his response was... less than convincing.

My final piece of evidence: On Feb. 12, Smith teased a new song on Instagram called "Natalina," which he will be dropping on Valentine's Day. Pretty sure this one speaks for itself, but only time will tell whether the lyrics say what the Vlog Squad fans are all dying to know. And while I'm still rooting for Dobrik and Mariduena to get together, I've got to admit that she and Smith would make a pretty cute couple.

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