Here's What To Know About Kim K & Sofia Richie's Relationship

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Sofia Richie is dating Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian's former boo and father of Kourtney's three adorable children. Disick and Richie have been dating for about two years now, and the Kardashian family seems to be quite receptive. Richie has been snapped on vacation with both Disick and Kourtney, which leads me to believe the two women are on good terms. Honestly, can you imagine sunbathing next to your bae's ex? Me neither. But it seems to be all good with Kourtney. In fact, Richie has also been spotted on numerous occasions with Kourtney's little sis Kylie Jenner. Richie was even invited to Kylie's extravagant BFF vacay for Kylie Skin. Richie has even attended parties with Kylie and Kendall, even going as far as getting ready together because they are friends. But, it all got me wondering: What about Kim? Are Kim Kardashian and Sofia Richie friends?

Well, here's the deal. It doesn't seem like Richie and Kim are on the same friendship level as Richie and Kylie. Those two are snapped together and hanging out all the time. However, when I scoured the web for photos of Kim and Richie, I was shocked to find none. Not a single photo of the two ladies together. Though, they've been snapped separately at several family outings and events, which makes it seem like they are at least on good terms.

Kim has also openly spoken out about Richie before. On the Feb. 11, 2018 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kris Jenner asked Kim what she thought of Disick's love life?

Kris said, "What is going on with Scott and Sofia?"

In a confessional following their conversation, Kim revealed her true thoughts on the then-19-year-old model dating her sister's ex.

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"I've started to see pictures of Scott running around New York and whatever makes him happy, I don't judge, I don't care," Kim said. "I think it's a good thing. I just hope that he's making good choices and having fun and nothing's getting crazy." So, Kim apparently wasn't against the flourishing couple dating.

Another episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians revealed Kourtney went on vacation with her ex and Richie in December 2018. Kim learned of the news via Disick's Instagram and totally freaked out.

“Oh my god. Did you see what Scott just posted? It says, ‘What more could a guy ask for? Three’s company.’ And it’s him, Kourtney, and Sofia in Mexico.”

She then went on to read a comment, "Sofia is a young fool and Kourtney is an old fool. All of these people need therapy.” Ugh, brutal. TBH, it seems like Kim's reaction was more in regard to the strange notion of her sister on vacay with her ex and his current girlfriend rather than any disdain for Disick and Richie being an item.

With no pictures, it's very hard to tell if Kim and Richie are close friends. With both ladies being in the public eye all the time, it's super hard to believe they wouldn't have snapped at least one photo together if they were super close. Plus, from Richie and Kim's socials, it is safe to say they love taking pictures. Hmm... so why not together? Maybe they are more acquaintances than friends, especially considering they are definitely in very different stages of their lives. Personally, my money is on them being totally cordial acquaintances.