Andrew and Kelly Mi Li in Bling Empire.

Here's What We Know About Where Kelly & Andrew Stand After 'Bling Empire'


Of all the complicated bonds in Netflix's Bling Empire, Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray's often seems the most volatile. After an explosive fight in Paris, the couple ultimately took time apart in an effort to see whether their fraught relationship was worth saving. Despite their split, Season 1 ended with Kelly showing up at Andrew's apartment and making out with him after a party, which leaves fans to wonder: Are Kelly and Andrew back together after Bling Empire?

The first episode of Bling Empire, which hit Netflix on Jan. 15, wasted no time demonstrating how toxic the couple's dynamic could be. In the premiere, Anna Shay took Kelly and Andrew to Paris to celebrate Kelly's birthday. Things took a turn for the worse after Kelly and Anna left to go shopping without Andrew while he slept off some jet lag, and he called to furiously criticize her for leaving him behind.

"What the f*ck is going on? Your lack of effort drives me f*cking crazy," he exclaimed via speaker phone, going on to scream that he was "upset" because he would never "treat [Kelly] that way."

Kelly admitted this wasn't the first time Andrew has behaved this way, and after going to couples' therapy, the two decided to separate (at least for a little while). Although Kelly went on a date with her fellow cast member Kevin Kreider during her time away from Andrew, Season 1's ending definitely makes it seem like they could be back together.

While neither Kelly or Andrew's social media presence explicitly confirms nor denies their relationship status, it seems plausible that they're currently dating. The last time Kelly posted a pic with her on-off boyfriend was when they both attended Christine's 2019 Chinese New Year party, but there are subtle hints that they've been together since Bling Empire Season 1 finished filming.

For one, although Kelly seemingly traveled to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, alone in December 2019 (based on her Instagram), Andrew's Dec. 11 post confirms they were both on that vacation. Then, on Sept. 18, 2020, he shared a shower selfie with the couple's dog, Kilo, who seems to be living with Kelly. Of course, they could simply be sharing doggy custody without being together.

Even if Kelly and Andrew are no longer dating, they're definitely still working together. Andrew has a new clothing line distributed by Greyscale Lab, and LinkedIn confirms Kelly is currently a partner at the company.

Hopefully Netflix will bring the show back for Season 2 and give fans some much-needed insight into where, exactly, Kelly and Andrew's roller coaster relationship ended up going. In the meantime, Bling Empire Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.