Gigi & Cardi B Had A ~Moment~ On Twitter & This Is The Celeb Friendship I Needed

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There are an endless amount of celebrity friendships that have started and blossomed on social media, and it always warms fans' hearts to see their faves spread positivity. Now, a recent Twitter interaction has many fans of two industry titans wondering whether or not they're best buds outside of social media, too. So, are Gigi Hadid & Cardi B friends? While the two haven't always been public about their friendship, Cardi made sure to let her fans know that the Hadid sisters are, in fact, the sweetest.

On Feb. 9, Cardi took to Twitter to quote tweet one of her fans who noticed Gigi reposted one of Cardi's Instagrams to her story. "I love them sooo much. [They] always show me soo much love," Cardi wrote. "They was raised in a palace yet the most humblest girls ever."

It's a stunning endorsement of both Gigi and Bella Hadid, but reports over the years have only confirmed Cardi's thoughts on her friendship with the supermodel sisters. While the stars might have careers in two different industries, there's so much overlap between the fashion world and music these days. Also, Cardi knows her stuff when it comes to designer clothes and bags, so the girls probably have a lot to bond over when they get together. On top of that, all three have their own Vogue covers, which is no small flex. They're all in an elite lane of stylish celebrities with stories to tell.

Unsurprisingly, Gigi responded pretty quickly too Cardi's shoutout on Twitter. "Love u biiiiig," Gigi wrote, attaching a yellow heart emoji at the end (a likely nod to Cardi's hit "Bodak Yellow"). The interaction was too adorable for some fans to take, and they flooded Gigi's mentions with fancams. They also asked her, kindly, to stream Cardi's newest single, "Up." That's some good fan promo right there.

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It's rare to see two moguls in their own right show so much love on social media, especially when the celebrity news cycle tends to concentrate on drama and feuds. There's no beef between these two stars, though, only respect and admiration.