'Riverdale's New Episode Featured 2 Unexpected Breakups, But Will They Last?

by Dylan Kickham

Riverdale's new episode was full of more heartbreak than ever as multiple relationships unexpectedly called it quits. With the romantic lives of many main characters now in flux, anything could happen next. So what is going on? Are Cheryl and Toni done for good, and what about Veronica and Reggie? Let's go over where all the constantly changing relationships are currently at in Riverdale.

Spoiler alert: This post contains plot details from Riverdale Season 3 Episode 15, "American Dreams." While our Core Four investigate a new drug kingpin rising up in town and concoct a plan to ferret out all of Archie's would-be assassins, romantic drama was running high as well. After doing Veronica's bidding for weeks now, Reggie finally asked his girlfriend to be equal partners with her in running the speakeasy. But Veronica refused Reggie, offering to give him a raise instead of the promotion.

This caused Reggie to act out and steal his car back from Gladys Jones, which was offered up to her as part of Veronica's debt. Of course, Gladys demanded more money from Veronica because of the theft, leading to a blowup between Veronica and Reggie. That's when all the scathing truths came out: Veronica admits she would not be dating Reggie if he was not working at the speakeasy, and the two end up calling it quits on their relationship.


Speaking of trouble in paradise, tension between the normally loving Cheryl and Toni had been building in last week's episode, and it came to a head this week. After Toni got kicked out of the Southside Serpents, Cheryl tried to make things better by forming a new gang called the Pretty Poisons. But in classic Cheryl fashion, she could not give up full control of the gang to Toni, leading to the girlfriends butting heads. It seemed like the two were going to finally make up after a salacious after-hours meet-up in the speakeasy, but the steamy hook-up actually ended in an argument, as Cheryl kicked Toni out of her house, effectively ending the relationship.

So, do these new developments mean the end for #Choni and #Veggie? That is unclear, but it definitely seems like one couple has a better chance at getting back together than the other. Although Veronica's ex Archie is currently dating Josie, we know that Josie is leaving the show at the end of the season to star in the spinoff series Katy Keene, meaning Archie is likely going to be single again eventually. Archie and Veronica's breakup was really only based on Archie leaving town... which obviously did not last. So now that Veronica is no longer with Reggie, we might see her with Archie again.

Oh, and these two breakups were not the only romantic turmoil that the new episode gave us. We also saw the inevitable love triangle of F.P. Jones, Gladys Jones, and Alice Cooper finally come to light. Gladys actually bought Alice's home as she prepared to ship off to the Farm, forcing F.P. to confront his feelings for both women. F.P. tells Alice that he is going to try to make things work with his wife now that she's back, as Alice tearfully says goodbye and goes off to live at the Farm.

We will have to see which of the breakups stick and which couples wind up getting back together as the season continues.