Here's Why Cancer & Leo Can Make Such An Epic Love Match

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When you fall in love with someone, it can feel like all the planets have literally aligned to bring this person into your life. That's especially true if you and your partner are more emotional and sentimental in nature. Take, for instance, Leo and Cancer. Both of these signs are true believers in love and want nothing more than to settle down with their forever person. That being said, it would seem like they'd make a perfect match. But are Cancer and Leo compatible? As with many so many things involving relationships, the answer to that is complicated. In some ways, Cancer and Leo are each other's ideal match, but in others they couldn't be more different. This means a Cancer and Leo relationship really depends on the people involved — and how much both of them are willing to compromise. Because here's the thing: If they can find a middle ground where each of their needs is met, and if they lead with empathy, these two definitely have power couple potential. Here's why these two signs can have a truly epic love story, but also what they'll have to get over first in order to make that happen.

It’s the Sun versus the Moon for these two.

Leo and Cancer are contradictory signs. Leo's ruled by the sun, and Cancer by the moon. This means that Leo expects their life to revolve around them as the star of the show. Cancer, on the other hand, doesn't require a lot of validation, except for from their partner, who they expect to give them all their love and adoration. Because Leo seeks that spotlight, emotional Cancer can sometimes find themselves getting jealous as they don’t understand why they aren't enough. It also doesn’t help that these two signs are very much alphas in their own rights and prefer to be in control of their relationship. And when they argue, it can escalate quickly as blunt Leo knows just how to wound sensitive Cancer, even though it's unintentional. Cancer, when hurt, snaps back and is slow to move on. This can be a breeding ground for resentment if they don't come together quickly to resolve their issues gently and with lots of love.

Their emotional connection is profound and fulfilling.

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While these two do have some serious hurdles to overcome, they find true kindred spirits in each other in terms of their emotional connection. Leo is warm-hearted and emotionally generous. They're affectionate and doting and they love hard. Cancer's the most emotional sign in the zodiac; they feel everything intensely, so when they connect with someone that attachment and affection are profound. Once they open up to one another, they feel safe to be vulnerable and raw in ways they never even knew they were capable of, and that forges a strong bond between them.

They both value loyalty and commitment.

Loyalty's everything to both of these signs. Once they let you into their hearts, you couldn’t hope for someone to ride for you harder or have your back more. They’re fiercely protective and will bend over backwards to make the other happy. They're both all-in on the relationship, as neither fear commitment. Rather, they're looking for someone to build a beautiful and stable life with. They have all the makings for a forever kind of love. That is if they want it enough and can set aside their stubborn natures, because both Cancer and Leo have been known to put their feet down and even pout when they feel like they don't have control.

When this connection works, it's the epitome of opposites attracting. Leo enlivens Cancer’s life and brings out a warmth and optimism in them. In return, Cancer's the support system and fan club that superstar Leo needs to feel loved. While it takes work to reach this place, it’s a match made in the heavens when Cancer and Leo get it right.