This 'Grey's Anatomy' Theory About Britney & Jo Makes Too Much Sense

ABC/Eric McCandless

Britney survived her life threatening overdose on Grey's Anatomy last week, but that doesn't mean all the questions surrounding her have been answered just yet. Now that Britney (formerly known as Betty, the alias she gave Amelia and Owen when they took her in) has reunited with her parents, all new mysteries about her family have arisen. Will Britney happily go back to live with her parents? What will happen to Britney and Amelia's relationship? While some fans are wondering what will happen to Britney in the future, other fans are looking at her family's past and wondering if she has a secret connection to yet another doctor at Grey-Sloan Memorial. Some fans are even wondering if Britney and Jo are sisters.

This is pretty out-there theory, but hear me out. There are some pretty striking parallels between Britney and Jo's stories. Britney first appeared on Grey's Anatomy as a teen mom who called herself Betty and was ready to give up her baby, Leo. If that story sounds familiar, that's because it kind of is. In previous episodes of Grey's Anatomy, audiences learned that Jo (who was named Brooke until she changed her name later in life) was dropped off at a fire station when she was only two weeks old. She spent her childhood being moved from foster home to foster home, so she never knew her birth parents. Is there a chance that Jo's parents are also Britney's? TgitDude on Reddit came up with a pretty convincing theory about the connection between Jo and Britney:

Owen and Amelia will take Britney’s parents to court. Amelia and their lawyer will do some research about Britney’s parents, when Amelia finds an old medical record of Britney’s Mom stating she gave birth to a child about 30 years ago. All that is known about the child is that it was a girl....and her name was BROOKE!

This theory has been echoed by another Reddit user, so it's definitely a popular one. It makes sense that Britney's mom would be protective of her daughter and grandson no matter what, but she might be especially protective if she secretly went through a similar situation as a teenager herself. Perhaps she gave up a child herself and she just doesn't want to see her daughter to the same thing. And perhaps that child that she gave up was Jo.

This theory would also help to flesh out more of Jo's backstory. Audiences have seen her interact with her ex-husband and this season's new character, Link, is a friend from Jo's past. But besides those plot points, audiences haven't learned much about Jo's origins. Jo doesn't know much about her origins either, for that matter. Most of the main characters on the show have had visits from their parents at one point or another over the course of the series' run. It seems only fair that Jo should also the screen time to explore her past. It would also be typical of Grey's Anatomy to bring a secret sister into the mix of the show. Remember when Meredith met her long-lost sisters Lexie and Maggie? Maybe Britney and Jo are next.

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