Applebee's Just Introduced New Loaded Fajitas That Are Topped With Queso & Bacon

Don't get me wrong — Applebee's offers an incredibly wide variety of tasty dishes. However, its fajitas are — without a doubt — one of the restaurant's main specialties. And while the OG Fajita Rollup and fajita platter are both super solid options, the fast-casual chain's latest and greatest creation is seriously out of this world. So, if you haven't already tried Applebee's' new Loaded Fajitas topped with bacon and queso, they're a deliciously tasty upgrade from the classic Tex Mex dish.

Starting on Thursday, May 16, Applebee's restaurants nationwide began offering an entirely new spin on an old classic, known as the new Loaded Fajitas. According to the press release, they come out like your average fajita: You get a sizzling hot platter which is topped with your choice of protein: chicken, sirloin steak, or shrimp. Your selection then comes with cooked fajita vegetables, Spanish rice, warm flour tortillas, shredded cheese, guacamole, lettuce, a lime wedge, sour cream, and obviously homemade pico de gallo.

Loaded Fajitas, however, have a special twist. All of the deliciousness above comes drenched in gooey, hot queso, before getting sprinkled in crispy Applewood-smoked bacon bits, according to the press release. Yes, you heard that correctly, melted cheese and bacon are now fajita staples, and it sounds like the dish of my freakin' dreams.


OK, do you see what I'm seeing? Is this real life? Honestly, it almost looks too good to be true.

In the press release, Joel Yashinsky, Applebee's' Chief Marketing Officer, said the new Loaded Fajitas are an extra enticing twist on classic fajitas, bringing it to a totally new level.

We’re introducing our guests to sizzling, delicious and craveable Fajitas in only the way Applebee’s can – by loading them up with queso and bacon. Our industry-leading culinary team has taken this classic dish to a whole new level that our guests have been telling us surpasses their expectations and delivers real value. Our Loaded Fajitas are truly an experience for all of your senses.

Talk about a glow-up, right?

Anyway, upon trekking to your nearest Applebee's in search of some Loaded Fajitas, make sure to take advantage of the chain's May Dollarita deal. It's the restaurant's Neighborhood Drink of the Month, which includes a classic margarita served in a 10-ounce mug, and it'll only cost you a dollar. Yes, you heard that correctly. Whether you scrounge up four quarters, ten dimes, or a hundred pennies, you can easily get in on this. That is, as long as you're 21 years or older.

All I can say right now is, "Wow!" Between Loaded Fajitas smothered in gooey queso cheese and bacon, as well as the tantalizing Dollarita deal, Applebee's is seriously doing things right at this moment in time. It pretty much goes without saying I'll need to go there like, today, so if anyone is free to head over after work, please feel free to join me. Oh, and drinks are on me — I found a fiver in my pocket the other day.