Anya Taylor-Joy's Zodiac Sign Means She's A Generous & Passionate Partner

Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage/Getty Images

Just like the chess-playing prodigy she played in The Queen's Gambit, Anya Taylor-Joy is a confident, courageous go-getter. That probably shouldn't be a surprise, considering Anya Taylor-Joy's zodiac sign. The actor's birthday falls on April 16, which makes her an Aries, one of the most cheerful and relentlessly determined signs of the zodiac. Rams are natural-born leaders who love helping others, and if you can trust anyone to lift you up and have your back, it's an Aries. As a result, those born between March 21 and April 19 tend to be pretty top-notch partners.

Like most rams, Taylor-Joy doesn't tend to let anything stand in the way of her goals — including relationships. As she told Interview in March 2016, "I'm very stubborn. Once I set my mind towards something, it's going to happen. By hook or by crook." Aries expect their SOs to cheer them on rather than hold them back, and in return, rams love to show their parters endless support. You can always depend on an enthusiastic Aries to be your personal cheerleader because — as she told Parade in March 2020 — "I'm drawn to people that are deeply passionate about something. Other people's passion inspires my own."

Aries are some of the most passionate people around, and Taylor-Joy is no exception. "I can't do something that I would not throw myself under a bus for," she told Newsweek in February 2016, which is such an Aries vibe. Rams can come off as a little intense, but it's only because they invest themselves 100% in everything they do (and they love just as fiercely as they pursue their goals). As she told Screen Crush in January 2017, "...I'm a very tactile person and I need people. I need, specifically, love, affection, people to touch me all the time." Aries are all about the hugs, y'all.

Though they mean well, Aries can be a bit bossy — but it's only because they know they're total bosses. They never hesitate to speak their mind, and if you're looking for a quiet, docile partner who will let you take the lead, then you probably shouldn't date an Aries. Taylor-Joy has made it clear she's not here to play a boring supporting character, either on-screen or IRL. "...whenever I've got a girlfriend role, I've sent it back being like, 'Eh? Why?'" Taylor-Joy told The Guardian back in March 2018, and that's an Aries attitude if I've ever heard one.

Keeping up with an energetic Aries isn't easy, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a partner who loves harder and cheers louder than this sign, and I can only imagine the same is true of Taylor-Joy.