A Brief History Of Anuel AA & Karol G's Relationship, Because These Two Are The Cutest

by Christy Piña
Steven Ferdman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Karol G and Anuel AA are the couple of the moment in the Latinx music world. Seriously, you can probably find their photo in the dictionary next to "Relationship Goals." Not only are they literally jaw-dropping together, but they're also incredibly talented individually, with music careers that are relatively new but only getting better and better. Together, they make one serious power couple. Anuel AA and Karol G's relationship timeline proves that even though it feels like these two became a thing overnight, their chemistry was bubbling beneath the surface for months.

Relationship rumors about Anuel and Karol began when they released their first (super hot) collab, "Culpables," in September 2018. For the following several months, they skirted around the rumors by saying (on multiple occasions) that they just had a "really great friendship." But the chemistry in the "Culpables" music video and Anuel calling Karol "la bebesita", or "baby girl," any chance he got certainly made fans think there was much more to these two than a strictly platonic relationship. Come November 2018, the two made it Instagram official and haven't looked back since. Here's a look at how it all began.

Summer 2018
anuel_2blea on Instagram

Anuel and Karol first started talking about collaborating on a song while Anuel was serving time in prison. He was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison for unlawful possession of a firearm, according to Primera Hora. She originally reached out to him because she wanted someone to do the remix of her hit song, "Ahora Me Llama." In a joint interview with Billboard, the two explained how they tried to make the remix from jail, but it ended up being impossible to record. Karol said in the interview that when Anuel got out, they agreed to make a new song together, which is when he wrote a song just for her: "Culpables."

August 2018
KarolGVEVO on YouTube

In August, a month after Anuel got out of jail, they teased their fans with photos from their upcoming video for "Culpables," Pulso POP reports. Karol and Anuel became close friends as they collaborated on the song and the music video. That's when rumors about a possible relationship began.

September 2018
karolg on Instagram

The "Culpables" music video was officially released on September 13, 2018. The song is about two people who are cheating on their significant others, and their significant others are cheating on them, too. The sensual lyrics of the song and the chemistry that Anuel and Karol showed in the music video only made fans speculate about the possibility of a relationship even more. Not to mention, Anuel was constantly commenting adorable things on Karol's Instagram posts. So, the rumor mill kept on spinning and neither one of them confirmed or denied the relationship, Pulso POP reports.

October 2018

Anuel and Karol continued to give off major couple vibes as they broadcasted their time together on social media. During their first live performance of "Culpables" in Miami, Anuel went in for a kiss, and Karol dodged him real hard, making people think maybe they really are just friends.

November 2018

At the Latin GRAMMYs, Karol assured Billboard that she and Anuel were nothing more than friends, telling the publication, "We have a great friendship. Anuel is all yours, ladies." But one day later at a performance in New York, Karol and Anuel shared a way-too-passionate kiss on stage to only "have a great friendship." On Anuel's birthday on November 26, they made their relationship Instagram official by posting adorable messages about each other on their respective accounts.

December 2018
anuel_2blea on Instagram

The following month, Anuel and Karol did something big and got each other's names tattooed on their hands. If that doesn't say "this is real," I don't know what does.

January 2019
AnuelVEVO on YouTube

And in case there was the slightest bit of hesitation about whether or not Karol and Anuel are the real deal, their music video for their second collaboration, "Secreto," confirms these two aren't going anywhere. The entire video is a montage of all the really freaking adorable moments the two have shared in their relationship since they began dating.

From when they started working on "Culpables" in August to "Secreto," it seems like Karol and Anuel really found love with each other. Here's hoping they stay happy together for ages to come. (And if we get some more bops out of it, I would not be mad!)