Anthropologie's Summer Sale Includes Over 1,500 Items At Up To 70% Off

While I love when my go-to stores have sales, I'm even more excited when stores that are typically out of my price range have major markdowns, because it means I can snag cute pieces that I otherwise couldn't afford. That's why I'm so jazzed up about Anthropologie's Summer 2019 Sale — while I do shop there every now and then, their gorgeous pieces are sometimes budget-breakers for me, so the chance to buy them for less is a big, big deal. If you feel the same, or you're a regular Anthro babe who still wants better deals, read on for everything you need to know about the retailer's huge summertime sale, happening right now.

While I love Anthropologie's unique, colorful clothing, I'm also a huge fan of their home goods section, from the luxe bedding and intricate throw pillows to the rugs, lighting fixtures, and furniture of my wildest dreams. Literally, everything they touch becomes boho-chic, wanderlust perfection, so I'd be happy to snag just about anything on sale. Given that tons of items are priced at up to 70% off at the moment, it appears I'll have my pick of the lot, and believe me, I'm going in.

If you see me this summer looking ~effortlessly boho chic~, know I most likely snagged my look during the Anthro sale:

The sale started on June 18, but there are still hundreds of discounted items left on the site, so no need for FOMO. In fact, according to the site, there are over 1,500 pieces marked down. That said, Anthropologie has yet to announce an end date for the deals, so get 'em while they're hot. Personally, I plan on snagging dozens of dresses. Okay, maybe just a few.

I'm so into the Brianne Cowl Neck Dress ($60, originally $120,, which is available in standard, petite, and plus sizes. Go off, Anthro:

I'm also strongly tempted by the cool-artist-girl vibes of these Pintucked Chino Pants ($60, originally $110,, still available in standard and plus sizes:

My heart wants the white, but my head knows I'll stain them. Sigh, moving right along.

If you're in the market for a new handbag, the Jamie Acrylic Basket Bag ($60, originally $88, comes in 7 cool colors:

I bought this purse as my sister's roommate's graduation gift, and I can confirm it was a hit. Like my sister wants one, too, and now that it's on sale, she can totally buy it for herself. I will not be gifting another. Sorry not sorry.

And jumping to home goods, the Candlefish Ceramic Candles ($20, originally $28, are both gorgeous and very much on sale:

Another fun story you didn't ask for: I've been to the Candlefish workshop in Charleston, South Carolina, and took a class that made me an official chandler, aka a real-deal candle-maker. Spoiler alert, I didn't make the candles in the Anthro sale, but I thought you might still want to know.

Lastly, I'll round out my list with everyone's favorite, a good throw pillow. The Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie Wool Camille Pillow ($80, originally $118, is an absolute must-have:

And to think, the above are only a small sampling of over 1,500 items marked down! The sale won't last forever, so get your booty to an Anthropologie near you or shop on the site now to make the most of some major savings.