Schitt's Creek

Moira & Alexis From 'Schitt's Creek' Reunited For The Cutest Holiday Ads

by Ani Bundel
Pop TV

All good things come to an end, but Schitt's Creek managed to time things so that it exited at peak popularity. Legions of fans only discovered the show as its final season drew to a close, leading to a chorus of cries as fans felt they were saying goodbye too soon. For those who need just a little bit more of the cast in your life, there's good news. No, the Rose family isn't making a comeback. (At least not yet.) But Annie Murphy and Catherine O'Hara's new Hudson's Bay ads will give you a boost of holiday spirit along with their mini Schitt's Creek reunion.

The Levy family is widely considered the heart of Schitt's Creek. Dan Levy was the one who initially conceived of the Rose clan and brought his dad Eugene in on it. Of course, Eugene Levy already had a significant following in the U.S., and many of his roles were opposite Catherine O'Hara. She signed onto Schitt's Creek to play Mama Moira Rose to Eugene's patriarch, Johnny, while Dan played son, David.

The family was rounded out with actor Annie Murphy as daughter Alexis. Fans sometimes talk about Murphy as an afterthought, the extra wheel to the relationships between father and son, or longtime collaborators. But Murphy is pretty much the show's secret weapon, and her chemistry with O'Hara and her other fake family members is just as key to the show as any other the other dynamics.

Apparently, Canadian department store Hudson's Bay is well aware of Murphy and O'Hara's synergy, as the company smartly tapped the two actors for its holiday campaign spots this year.

Even though Murphy and O'Hara are not playing their Schitt's Creek characters in this campaign, the commercials have very much the same ridiculous energy as the popular CBC series.

These spots are just the beginning of the rollout for the 2020 holiday shopping season. They are currently running on Hudson Bay's official social media channels and primetime TV up in Canada. Considering Schitt's Creek's explosive popularity, fans should expect follow-up spots to take Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube by storm.