Amy Schumer Says This One Workout Has Done Wonders For Her "Excruciating" Back Pain

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you've ever dealt with back pain, then you don't need me to tell you how incredibly uncomfortable it can be. As if the pain itself isn't bad enough, though, the struggle to find a workout that doesn't irritate your injury further can be even more frustrating. However, one celeb seems to have found a way to ward off what she's described as "excruciating" back pain and get a killer workout in at the same time. Amy Schumer's Instagram video about boxing shows the workout can do a whole lot more for you than release pent-up aggression.

On Monday, the 37-year-old comedian and actress posted a series of videos and photos to Instagram, and in the caption, Schumer opened up about the debilitating back injuries she's been dealing with over the last several months, and what the road to recovery has looked like for her. She wrote,

About 7 months ago I was in excruciating back and hip pain. From old volleyball and surfing injuries I have a herniated disc, a bulging disc and a labral tear in my hip. These great people nursed me back to health and made me stronger than ever.

Schumer credited Tim DiFrancesco, a strength and conditioning coach who used to work with the Los Angeles Lakers, as well as her boxing coach, Steven Frank, who she described in her Instagram post as "the most patient, incredible trainer," for helping her find her strength again.

"Tim, Steve and I have laughed and cried together. (Ok Steve didn’t cry) When I had major breakthroughs doing things I thought I would never be able to do again," Schumer confessed in the caption.

Along with boxing, the Trainwreck actress also said acupuncture sessions have helped her work through her chronic pain. However, Schumer made it clear that's she's aware these privileges aren't available to everyone. "I know I’m lucky I have the time and money to heal. Everyone should be entitled to great care. Everyone. Period," she wrote on Instagram. TBH, a woman who's strong as heck and woke AF, is a woman after my own heart.

Now, if you're dealing with your own back pain struggles, or even another form of chronic pain, you might be intrigued by Schumer's workout strategy and interested in trying it out yourself. It's definitely best to talk to your own doctor first to figure out the best treatment for your specific pain, but if you get the go-ahead for boxing, this mindful movement could be a great way to recover and regain your strength, just like Schumer.

See, if you're using the right technique while you box, your lower back can benefit in a big way. According to a 2011 study published in the Chinese Journal of Exercise Physiology, female boxing athletes typically engage their lower back muscles during a punch. The study also noted that boxers with less experience have a tendency to use their lower backs less than they should, which is actually what can lead to strain. Basically, making sure to engage your core and lower back during your boxing sessions will do wonders strength-wise, and finding a trainer to guide you like Steven Frank and Tim DiFrancesco did for Amy Schumer would probably be your best bet to make sure you're doing the movements correctly and protecting your body in the process.

Of course, like Schumer said, not everyone has access to a trainer, so at the comedian's recommendation, be sure to follow trainers like Frank and DiFrancesco on social media for helpful tips, and don't be afraid to try a boxing class in your area. You never know what benefits the workout could have for your health.