'American Vandal' Season 2 Is Officially Happening & It's Hitting Netflix Sooner Than You Think


The unexpected hit series that launched a thousand d*ck-related fan theories is officially coming back for another season. Funny or Die announced on Thursday that their Netflix mockumentary American Vandal is getting a second season, which will land on Netflix sooner than fans may have expected! Details on the new season are still mostly being kept under wraps, but we do have some info on how the true crime spoof will evolve and possibly shift its focus in its upcoming Season 2.

Funny or Die, the comedy website that produces American Vandal, revealed that the true crime mockumentary that became a surprise hit when it premiered on Netflix last month has officially been renewed for a second season. The announcement comes just a month and a half after its eight-episode premiere season dropped on Sept. 15, and the production company also revealed the new season will drop sometime in 2018. There's no specific date yet, but the assurance that a new season of American Vandal is definitely coming next year should come as welcome news to fans.

The announcement came along with a short teaser for the new season. The teaser shows close-ups of various high school yearbook photos, all of which are students we didn't focus on in the first season of American Vandal, as Season 1's documentarian/investigator Peter Maldonado narrates:

You can be born into the perfect family. The perfect school. The perfect life. But can you be born above the law?

Check out the Season 2 teaser for yourself below.

The teaser doesn't give us much to go on when it comes to theorizing about the new season, but there are a few things it confirms. First of all, Peter will be at the center of the series, serving as the documentarian and investigator trying to get to the truth of some mysterious event. The other thing that the teaser seems to be hinting is that the new season will introduce a completely new mystery with a new set of characters, leaving the "Who drew the d*cks" mystery of Season 1 in the past, possibly along with Dylan Maxwell, Christa Carlyle, Alex Trimboli, and the rest of the main cast. Alongside Peter, the only person we can probably expect to see just as much of in the new season is his trusty sidekick Sam Ecklund.

This shift in focus echoes what star Tyler Alvarez (who plays Peter) told me when we chatted about his hopes for a potential second season after the first season dropped. Alvarez said that if the show got renewed, he would want it to be about Peter and Sam tackling a whole new crime. The shots of the brand new characters from the teaser seems to confirm that's the plan for Season 2.

It's also still up in the air whether or not American Vandal will once and for all confirm the answer to the "Who drew the d*cks" question that was left still mostly shrouded in mystery at the end of Season 1. Though the season ended with a pretty convincing suspect in Christa Carlyle, Peter was left unable to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was the one behind the graffitied d*cks. If the new season will shift to a completely new mystery, then it might just reveal the real culprit of Season 1 in the process. Or then again, it could also just as easily choose to leave us guessing.

A premiere date for American Vandal Season 2 hasn't been set yet, but if it mirrors the release of Season 1, then fans can expect to start streaming it in mid-September of 2018.