Alexis Ren’s Zodiac Sign Says She’s An Utterly Irresistible Partner

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If there's one thing everyone on the internet can agree on, it's that Alexis Ren is one seriously lucky lady. After all, she is reportedly dating America's very own boyfriend, Noah Centineo. Then again, that’s exactly the kind of good fortune you might expect a Sagittarius like Ren, whose birthday is Nov. 23, to have. Sag's ruling planet is Jupiter, the planet associated with luck. It also doesn’t hurt that Ren is charismatic and totally stuns. So, the question remains: Is your boyfriend’s heart in good hands? One way to answer that is to take Alexis Ren’s zodiac sign into consideration, and what it says about what she's like as a partner. Spoiler alert: She’s awesome. Here's what we can surmise about what it's like to be loved by Ren, based on her zodiac sign.

There Is Never A Dull Moment With A Sagittarius.

Sagittarians are absolutely magnetic. Their optimism, confidence, and true delight in all life has to offer makes them positively irresistible. They love to laugh, are fearless in the face of new experiences, and embrace whatever challenges come their way with a joke and smile of determination. Spending time with someone who is this much of a bright light is intoxicating, exciting, and just plain fun. Being partnered with a Sagittarius means that every day is a new and exciting adventure. That is, if you can keep up with them.

Sagittarius Is Totally And Unapologetically Uninhibited In Their Sexuality.

A fire sign like Sagittarius is never short on passion, and thanks to their free-spirited nature, they have a very healthy and uninhibited attitude toward sexuality. After all, sex is natural and Sag looks on all things in nature as beautiful. As such, they are basically free of any shame or hangups and are very open to experimentation. They're willing to try just about anything once or twice in the bedroom — or, more likely, out of the bedroom, as this sign is notorious for taking their intimacy into the great outdoors, to commune with nature au naturale.

Sagittarius Is Fiercely Independent.

If you want a partner who's happy just standing by your side and tagging along on your journey, then Sag is probably not the right fit for you. This is a sign that is fiercely independent. They are happy in their own company, although their natural charisma draws people to them, so they're rarely alone. However, they are firm believers in the adage "better to be alone than in bad company." Because of this, they won't put up with relationships where they feel as though they aren't being treated as they should be, or that make them feel controlled in any way. Trying to lock down freedom-loving Sagittarius is the quickest way to see this famously fickle sign slip out the door (and from your life) forever.

What does all this mean for Ren as a partner? Basically, with the right person who has the confidence to let her be herself and not try to tame or control her, she's a dream come true, and full of positivity and passion. Honestly, who wouldn't be thrilled to have a partner like that? Centineo is the lucky one.

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